Daily Archives: April 14, 2009


Gadget Leak: Toshiba 2009-2010 Handset Roadmap


Spring has sprung and with it leaked images and info about Toshiba’s upcoming handsets.  The 5 new handsets are purportedly all based on the 1 GHz Snapdragon processor running Windows Mobile 6.5. First up is the TG02 and TG03, which build upon the already announced TG01 that includes a 4.1-inch...


Neck Tie With Built-in USB Stick


Showing off your geekdom is usually pretty easy, but surely nothing will eclipse this Neck Tie with built-in USB stick.  I particularly appreciate the all white finish with standout blue USB symbol. Wear it to an interview for an IT position and you’ll surely ‘nail it’. [via Likecool] Read...


iRiver SpeedoLZR Racer Aquabeat MP3 Player Submerges


I assure you the Borg are not invading (Star Trek reference).  In fact you’re looking at the cobranded iRiver SpeedoLZR Racer Aquabeat MP3 player.  If you haven’t figured it out, the SpeedoLZR Racer Aquabeat is completely waterproof up to 9 feet and includes 2GB of storage and an 8 hour...

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