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Slinky Like Expandable Chair


By: Tiffany Miller At first glance this looks like an illusion, but by the end of the clip my mind was churning with all the potential uses for this, uh, contraption. The options are endless- chair, couch, ottoman, bed, table, or maybe even a work of art, if you’re into...

Retinal Display System

Retinal Display System Makes HUD Glasses Obsolete


Today’s personal media player’s, or PMPs, screens are too small. Even worse is the solution: bulky glasses with embedded screens (aka head mounted displays) that obstructs the user’s vision. Brother’s solution is a small and light weight attachment that can be fitted to any pair of glasses, which ‘irradiates low-intensity...

Electrial Outlet Mini Safe

Electrical Outlet Safe

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Not only is this Electric Outlet Safe completely unassuming, but few criminals will peel back an electrical outlet for fear of electrocution. This mini safe will hold small amounts of cash, jewelry and credit cards, or a large bag of something. You’ll just have to cut a hole in your...

Remote Sumos

Remote Controlled Sumo Wrestlers


I don’t know why I like these, but I just do. Perhaps it’s the ‘Urban Outfitters’ marketing machine finally wearing off on me. Using the two button remote you can challenge a friend (or foe) to a sumo match. Just like the real thing, the goal is to knock the...