Daily Archives: November 14, 2005

Nintendo DS WiFi and Mario Kart Launched


Nintendo launched is Nintendo DS WiFi service with Mario Kart today. Sounds like the process to get online and find you friends via a ‘friend code’ is super easy. If you want a list of their WiFi hotspots then go to www.nintendowifi.com For full details check out the press release...

Safe Sleep Your Apple


If you have a Powerbook or iBook then you are probably more familiar with the ‘sleep’ function, a low energy mode that acts as an alternative to powering down. Well it just got better for new Powerbook owners. The new Powerbooks sport a feature found on many PC laptops called...

Samsung T709


Not sure how the Samsung T709 differs from the T809, but perhaps its safe to assume its less feature laden due to the lower number scheme? The obvious difference is the color button configuration, but for the most part the Samsung T709 looks identical to the T809....

AWOL: Alcohol Without Liquid


Looking to get drunk? Can’t stand those hangovers? Can’t handle the taste of alcohol? Then the fine folks at AWOL have a solution for you. It’s the AWOL machine. AWOL stands for alcohol without liquid and that’s exactly what it is. AWOL vaporizes your liquid shot and turns it into...

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