If there was a Moore’s Law for monitors the EVGA dual-LCD InterView System would be the most recent result.  From old school CRTs to conventional LCDs, this new phase in LCD evolution is set to hit the market soon.

The InterView features two very thin, 17 inch, rotatable LCD displays, fixed into a single desktop stand. The desktop stand base comes with 3 USB ports, a built in camera and microphone. In some ways, it looks like a laptop, with an elevated wide screen display.  The displays have 1,440 x 900 resolution, enough for meetings and presentations. The ability to rotate 180 degrees horizontally is one of its features that I like most,  but what is coolest about this features is that the screen auto re-orientates itself when turned! The monitors also comes with dual keyboard and mouse input, allowing for each monitor to be controlled separately. But keep in mind that this set up requires a dual VGA card to run both screens from one machine.

Even though the design is striking it’s not for everyone. Gamers, graphic artists and investment bankers are likely to find the most use from this innovative set up. With a $650 price tag it’s not likely that you will be seeing to many of these flying off the shelf at back to school sales.