Daily Archives: September 10, 2009


Hercules Drops New MP3e2 DJ Controller


As I am just getting familiar with Hercules products, the company unleashes a new DJ controller right under my nose.  The MP3e2 is as lightweight as it is portable with its absolutely pimpy aesthetic. Available in early October, the MP3e2 will retail for $130 and should be the hankerchief that...


Fifth Gen iPod Nano (with Camera) Torn Apart


In less then 24 hours, iFixit got their hands on the new iPod Nano and tore it apart for a look at the player’s inards. The biggest take away we could find was that the camera is just 3mm thick, which is half the size of the iPhone’s camera. Holding...


Thrustmaster Announces Ferrari Licensed Gamepads


For all you Ferrari freaks out there, your gaming day has finally arrived.  Just announced from Thrustmaster, comes four limited and exclusive edition Ferrari licensed gamepads for the PC and PS3.  To make the limited edition ones that much more exclusive, each pad is numbered so the collector can be...


CrystalPur Water Filter–Huge Volume, Tiny Apparatus


If you’re a camper, or you just hold a paranoiac’s distrust for your local water system, you may be interested in getting your hands on a CrystalPur water filter. Invented to help starving families out in Africa from dying of thirst, this tiny unit can actually process six liters of...


3M MPro 120–Tiny, But How Does It Perform? (video)


The MPro 120 Pocket Projector, from the constantly-innovating minds at 3M, promises to be part of a “new generation of mini-projectors”.  Featuring a battery life of two to four hours, it has built in speakers and can project an image up to a maximum size of fifty inches.  The MPro...


The Lighting Pin: A Strange Concept We Never Knew We Needed


You know, I can’t imagine how anyone might have thought this was a good idea, but in the early stages of design is a product that brings together a clothespin with an LED light.  Dubbed the Lighting Pin, it was never meant to be used for hanging clothes, but rather...