Daily Archives: October 24, 2008


Tesla Model S Makes Its Debut


Telsa, which recently laid off a large number of its employees due to a financial debacle, has finally unveiled their Model S sedan. According to Tesla, the 4 door Lithium-ion powered ‘S’ will get about a 240 mile range, hit 0-60 in 6 seconds and start at just $60,000, which...


Kodak Announces Improved OLED Technology


Kodak announced their new and improved OLED technology featuring lower power consumption and increased lifetimes. The new material is called KODAK OLED Material EK-GD403 and uses green dopant technology to deliver increased display efficiency. Devices using this technology should see a significant increase in battery life. [Mobile Burn]...


Master Chief Collector’s Costume Halo 3 Style


Still don’t know what to be for Halloween?  If you’ve got $630 to drop on an outfit, you’re in luck, because you can grab this Master Chief Collector’s Costume and represent the die hard gamer in you.  The costume includes a quilted jump suit with EVA armor, two piece deluxe...


Robotic Solar Powered Lawn Mower


Soon your Roomba automated vacuum cleaner will have an outdoor buddy, the Automower.  Laden in solar panels, the mower can recharge its battery when the sun shines or return to its base station for an off the grid fill up.  Lawn capacity maxes out at .5 acres, which should be...


Canon Selphy CP770 Hello Kitty Printer


Just in time for the holidays, Canon has slapped their Selphy CP770 printer with a Hello Kitty finish. The printer has a built-in bucket that’s intended for storing photos, AC cord and whatever other crap you wanna tote along with you. Expect it sometime this November, although I’m not sure...


Google Introduces Gmail For Mobile 2.0


Google recently launched their Gmail mobile version 2.0 for J2ME-compatible and BlackBerry phones. It features a host of improvements including significant performance boosts, multiple account management, multiple mobile email drafts, powerful shortcut keys, and basic offline support. Check out the details on Google’s Mobile Blog. [GR]ykbMU58W08k&hl[/GR] [Wired]...

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