Daily Archives: October 10, 2008


Oregon Scientific Waterproof Action Video Camera


Waterproof cameras are nothing new, but you have to appreciate Oregon Scientific’s ability to make the ATC5K applicable to everyday and extreme life. The self contained waterproof camera takes still photos, can capture 640×480 video at 30FPS, has a built-in 1.5-inch LCD screen and a helmet mountable foot controllable via...


Nokia Concept Phone Uses Water Feedback Technology


Last time I checked, water and electronics don’t go so well together.  None the wiser though, Rune Larsen’s Nokia concept phone embeds a small layer of H20 just below the keypad with the intention of providing haptic feedback to the user.  And I thought Blackberry’s click screen was a stretch....


Transdock iPod Car Charger


Ok, so there are like a million iPod accessories, but it looks like DLO got it right.  The Transdock is an iPod charger with a built-in AUX output and is void of any FM transmitter gimmicks.  It plugs directly into your car’s lighter socket and features a goose neck for...


Electric Porsche From RUF Revealed


Remember that rumored electric Porsche from RUF I wrote about a few weeks ago?  Well, it’s here and RUF has released some detail goodiness.  Unfortunately, there’s no mention of price since it’s still very much a concept vehicle.  But you’ll be glad to know the RUF electric Porsche, which is...

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