Daily Archives: July 24, 2008


Netflix Player Review


In case you didn’t hear, Microsoft announced a partnership with Netflix a week ago or so that’ll allow all Gold Xbox Live customers to stream Netflix’s 10,000+ movies (it’s actually 12,000 now) and TV shows to their Xbox 360. My initial reaction was that it’ll render their stand alone player...


Nintendo Updates The Wiimote


Aside from a few broken windows and faces, the Wiimote destroys batteries, battery juice that is.  Looks like they got smart, though, and have packed with Sanyo to integrate their ‘no one knows about’ Enloop battery technology.  The battery pack fits on current Wiimotes and charges via the Wiimote stand....


Clean Your Keyboard With Cyber Goo


Ya, that’s right, goo.  If you’re thinking ewww, well, so am I.  Ok, I’ll be honest, I don’t know if it’s goo per se, but based on the pic the Cyber Clean looks like a piece of Playdo.  Apparently, its malleable form will get into those keyboard crevices never reached...


Lexie Barnes Laptop Bag Collection At A Glance


By Tiffany Miller I must admit, I’ve never felt the desire to bedazzle my cell phone or shell out extra cash for a hot pink ipod case. I like technology for utility, not as a fashion statement. This probably explains my lack of enthusiasm upon reviewing Lexi Barnes’ laptop case...

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