Gigabyte Announces the Avia Uranium Wireless Gaming Mouse w/ Companion OLED

This past Winter we took Gigabyte’s Avia Krypton gaming mouse out for a spin around the gaming block. Despite being  bit too think for my gaming “hams”, the mouse provided exceptional. The overall performance was fantastic, bolstered by the Avago 9800 laser sensor. IT’s my favorite laser for precision and speed.

Well Gigabyte is back, tinkering away at a new Avia. The Gigabyte Avia Uranium is another laser mouse. Yet this time the DPI is much more conservative, hitting a modest max of 5600dpi. The laser sensor used is not state so we shall see when it drop later this year around Q3.

But the Uranium isn’t about blistering dpi speeds. This one boasts loud and proud, 70 hours of play time from it’s pair of AA 2100mAh batteries. That’s not an impressive battery spec. The Uranium owes its longevity to its companion monochrome OLED. It’s a wirless receiver, which shows the remaining batt-life with a meter and percentage. You can also find the current DPI setting and record macro right on the OLED. Ah ha! This is why the Uranium batt-life is so long-lived. The onboard memory is stored on the OLED, thereby freeing the mouse up to handle only the immediate and necessary gaming bits.

The mouse also features LED color change options and the ability to tether the mouse to the OLED so you can charge it while gaming.

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