Corsair Harpoon RGB Mouse Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re looking for the best gaming mouse that performs well, and still affordable, then the Corsair Harpoon RGB Mouse is exactly that. Instead of being tethered to a wire, the Harpoon RGB sports a wireless connection via Bluetooth, and still manages to have a fast connection speed. It’s by far one of the best options out there for a budget mouse. If you need a keyboard too, take a look at our Logitech MX500 review for a combo.

Why We Like It – Corsair Harpoon RGB Mouse

The Corsair Harpoon RGB Mouse brings performance and accuracy to gamers without the need of a wire, and its comfortable design makes it possible to enjoy that performance for hours to come.

  • Great performance
  • Affordable pricing
  • Long battery life
  • Bluetooth introduces slight lag
  • Limited to righties


Even as a wireless gaming mouse, the Corsair Harpoon RGB Mouse is no pushover in terms of performance. With a DPI of 10,000—much higher than the Pictek Gaming Mouse—it can accommodate a wide range of sensitivities. Furthermore, its IPS handles fast movement really well, not to mention a sub-1ms connection speed. You won’t even notice any lag input. However the IPS is much better on the Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition.

The battery life on the Corsair Harpoon RGB is impeccable, providing up to 60 hours of great performance before it needs to be charged with its USB cable. But if wireless isn’t your thing, you can keep it plugged in. It’ll work just as well, if not better when plugged in.


The Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless Mouse has an ergonomic design; smooth curves reduce fatigue when the mouse is in use whether you use palm or claw grip. The soft rubber side grips provide a nice grippy surface that prevents finger slippage, which is where you’ll find two additional side buttons. The mouse buttons, and the rest of the mouse, even have a somewhat textured surface rather than smooth, unlike other gaming mice. RGB lighting shines through the Corsair logo, which can be changed using iCUE software, including its six programmable buttons. DPI settings can be altered using the button near the scroll wheel.


Considering the Harpoon RGB gaming mouse performs really well for its low price, build quality, and really long battery life, you are getting a fantastic deal here. This is especially true when you put it to the test. After hours of playing in one day, it’ll still perform just as well, handling most of what you throw at it before it needs to be charged. And with how comfortable it is, you won’t feel the fatigue.

Corsair Harpoon RGB Mouse Wrap Up

This Corsair Harpoon RGB Mouse review ultimately shows that the wireless mice have come a long way, and definitely ready to be used in a serious manner. Its DPI optical sensor and fast reacting IPS make it a serious contender as your next gaming mouse. You might come across Bluetooth input lag, and its design is limited to righties like the Logitech G203 Prodigy, the Corsair Harpoon’s performance more than makes up for it.