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OtterBox is well-known for being tough phone cases, but Spigen is giving a run for its money with the Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone Case, and a serious contender as one of the best iPhone cases on the market—especially if you can’t afford an Otterbox. It’s thin, lightweight, and still incredibly strong, capable of absorbing falls from several feet high.

Why We Like It – Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone Case

A wonderful middle-of-the-road iPhone XR case for those who don’t want to buy an expensive Otterbox or a cheap, easily broken phone case.

  • Can still access wireless charging
  • Buttons are easy to feel for
  • Thin and lightweight, yet strong
  • Smooth surface lacks grip
  • Limited to iPhone XR


What makes the Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone Case so good is its durability. This iPhone X case is tough as nails. And yet, it’s thin and lightweight. If you’re someone who drops their phone often, this is the case for you. Its drop protection is very well-known. You’ll find videos of people tossing them off bridges, skidding across the ground, only to find their phone works perfectly fine. It gives the OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series iPhone Case a run for its money.


Now let’s talk design. Like the Mkeke iPhone Case, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone Case can be pretty bland with its crystal clear case, with a clear back. Unlike the Mkeke iPhone Case, Spigen offers a handful of different colors! Colors available are matte black, blue, coral, red, rose crystal, and clear. It’s simple, yes, but that goes a long way for personalization. Aside from aesthetics, there is one design choice that we didn’t like: the case is smooth. It doesn’t offer a lot of grip, so be aware that it might slip.


As for value, we felt the performance, overall design, and phone protection of the Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone Case gave it great value. This is especially true given that the Mkeke iPhone Case is cheap and is the bare minimum, but also cheaper than a OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series iPhone Case. It’s a great middle-of-the-road choice. However, if you’re someone who travels often, you might find the LifeProof FRe Waterproof Case’s performance and durability more useful.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone Case Wrap Up

As we close our review Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone Case lived up to our expectations. It’s perfect for someone who doesn’t want to spend money on an expensive Otterbox, nor chance it with a cheap $2 phone case. It’s lightweight, strong, and still allows for wireless charging. The smooth surface can take some time getting used to, however; otherwise, a great phone case.

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