Best Headsets for Call of Duty

Updated: Jan 22, 2024 12:23 PM
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What features make the best headset for Call of Duty? First of all, these top gaming headsets deliver excellent sound quality and clear positional audio, so you can quickly and easily pinpoint in-game sounds like enemy footsteps. Next, like any great gaming headsets and headsets for VR, the best models for Call of Duty will have a comfortable design and be ergonomic enough to wear for hours during marathon gaming sessions.

Similarly, great gaming headphones have to be durable enough to hold up to long hours of use. Finally, like the best headset options for Fortnite and other fast-paced games, they should have low latency and help deliver a responsive, immersive experience.

The audio experience is crucial for many online games, such as Call of Duty, and the right headset makes a big difference. If your current headphones or speakers don’t render sound effects, a pair of these modern gaming headphones will deliver clear and precise audio, giving you a distinct advantage in-game.

Keep reading to learn more about the best headset for Call of Duty and how to choose the best wireless or wired gaming headset for your needs.

Top Headsets for Call of Duty

 #1  Astro A10 – Call of Duty Gaming Headset


WHY WE LIKE IT: This headset features an army green color scheme with artwork, which provide a unique appearance. It has a flip-to-mute mic and high-quality audio drivers to help users excel at tracking games.

  • Outstanding flip-to-mute mic
  • Great appearance with Call of Duty artwork
  • Comfortable memory foam ear cushions
  • Cord prone to tangling

The Astro A10 – Call of Duty gaming headset is a licensed model that features Call of Duty artwork to appeal to enthusiasts. This headset boasts an anodized aluminum headband with a polycarbonate blend exterior, providing structural integrity and a lightweight design. It has large ear cups with memory foam cushions to facilitate airflow for comfort. The mic flips up to mute, and the headset has in-line volume controls for convenient operation. However, the cord on this one is mediocre, and it’s prone to tangling.

An omnidirectional microphone captures the voice with crisp detail. With high-quality audio drivers, this model produces crisp sounds. A low latency design transfers audio in real-time, giving users an edge in eSports. This headset is compatible with PS4, Xbox One, and PC, enabling wide-ranging use, and it features an army green and black color scheme that will make a statement. This gaming headset is climate pledge friendly, and made through environmentally sustainable processes. It connects via a 3.5mm jack that provides near-universal compatibility.

 #2  HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset


WHY WE LIKE IT: This headset features high-quality 53mm drivers that support 3D audio, delivering a spatial, engaging listening experience. It has a removable, bendable mic with passive noise cancellation.

  • Top-quality bendable and removable mic
  • Very comfortable cushions
  • 7.1 surround sound
  • The cable is prone to twisting

Featuring precision 53 mm audio drivers, the HyperX Cloud II gaming headset produces refined sounds that enable users to tell the direction of footsteps and other in-game sounds. The headset has large ear cups with memory foam earpads and a protein leather liner that is pleasant to the skin. It has a unique red and black palette with a HyperX logo on the ear cups to provide visual appeal. However, the cord on this model is prone to twisting.

This headset has durable construction with a high-quality headband that offers durability. It’s recommended for a variety of AAA titles, including Call of Duty. The headset supports virtual 7.1 surround sound, delivering audio in a 3D field. It has a high-quality bendable, detachable mic with passive noise cancellation to help reduce background sounds. This headset features a high-quality aluminum frame that withstands regular use and frequent transportation. It’s compatible with PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and other platforms.

 #3  Turtle Beach Call of Duty: Black Ops II Kilo Limited Edition Gaming Headset

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WHY WE LIKE IT: Large ear cups on this unit encompass the ears, blocking out the outside noise for a hypnotic experience. This headset features an in-line amplifier with an independent voice, chat, mute, and bass boost controls.

  • Impressive amplifier with bass boost and chat volume controls
  • Call of Duty artwork
  • Self-voice level monitoring
  • Mic is not detachable

Resulting of a partnership between two big names in the gaming world, the Turtle Beach Call of Duty: Black Ops II Kilo Limited Edition gaming headset comes with official artwork that will appeal to hardcore gamers. It features 50mm, full-bandwidth drivers, helping users to discern soft sounds. This model cradles the user’s ears with oversized ear cups to block out outside sounds. However, the mic on this model is not removable.

An in-line amplifier with the separate game and chat volume controls enables precise adjustment. The headset has a high-quality mic that swivels to help users remove it from their line of sign. A mic mute switch and a Bass Boost control allow users to optimize the gaming experience. This gaming headset is compatible with the Playstation Network, Xbox Live, and PC and features a voice level recognition function, allowing users to monitor their own voice level.

 #4  Xbox 360 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Gaming Headset

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WHY WE LIKE IT: This mono in-ear headset comes with comfortable ear gels and an ear loop that secures the device onto the ear. It connects wirelessly to various devices, including consoles, PCs, and smartphones.

  • Compact mono design
  • Comes with ergonomic ear gels
  • Voice prompts simplify monitoring battery life
  • Mediocre mic

Featuring a compact mono design, the Xbox 360 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare gaming headset will appeal to gamers who want to stay engaged with the surroundings during gameplay. This headset has a wireless design that connects via Bluetooth to provide compatibility with Xbox devices, PCs, consoles, and mobile devices. It comes with Call of Duty artwork that will appeal to fans. However, the mic on this device is not sensitive enough, especially in Bluetooth mode.

This gaming headset has an ear loop to secure the headset onto the ear. High-quality ear gels that fit a wide variety of people provide comfort. The headset has a charging cradle to let users power up quickly and safely. It delivers sound prompts to alert gamers when there’s a change of mode or when the battery is fully charged or depleted. It has a runtime of up to 4 hours, providing hassle-free portability.

 #5  Bengoo G9600 Gaming Headset


WHY WE LIKE IT: This gaming headset stands out with its military pattern and on-ear ambiance lighting. It has very comfortable ear cups and powerful angled neodymium drivers, delivering spatial sounds with astounding accuracy.

  • Incredibly comfortable ear cushions and headband
  • Stylish camouflage pattern
  • Near-universal compatibility
  • Doesn’t get very loud

This Bengoo G9600 gaming headset features a camouflage color scheme that will make a bold statement. It is equipped with powerful 40mm magnetic neodymium drivers that help users discern acoustically positioned sounds. Featuring an omnidirectional noise-isolating microphone, this headset records audio while reducing irritating background sounds. The mic swivels to help users get it out of sight when needed. However, this unit doesn’t get very loud.

A USB cable provides plug-and-play connectivity, and it’s braided that stands up to regular use. The headset features a rotary volume control and microphone mute button, enabling easy customization. Its cushioned earbuds facilitate ventilation, preventing sweat and heat build-up, while an adjustable headband offers an ergonomic fit. This headset has stunning on-ear LED lights to illuminate the gaming workstation, and it works with a wide variety of platforms, including Playstation 4, New Xbox One, and PC.

 #6  Ziumier Z66 Gaming Headset


WHY WE LIKE IT: The headset has a stylish white color scheme with flowing ambiance lighting to complement the decor in the game room. This model boasts a noise-canceling mic and heavily-cushion protein earpads.

  • Exquisite white design
  • Flowing RGB lights
  • Noise-canceling mic
  • Doesn’t get very loud
  • RGB lights are not customizable

Designed with cross-platform users in mind, the Ziumier Z66 is compatible with PC, PS5, Xbox One, and a wide selection of consoles and mobile devices. This headset features high-quality 50mm drivers that deliver precise, refined sounds. It supports virtual surround sounds, helping users to identify the direction of footsteps and other in-game sounds. A very sensitive omnidirectional microphone enhances communication in eSports. This mic has the noise-canceling tech, eliminating annoying background chatter. However, this headset doesn’t get very loud.

Featuring lightweight parts, this headset is quite comfortable, and it has breathable earpads with protein fabric. A 3.5mm audio plug simplifies connecting to a wide variety of devices, while in-line volume controls and a mute button support hassle-free customization. This headset has exquisite LED light bands with flowing RGB lighting on the ear cups and mic to create a good gaming ambiance. An adjustable headband on this unit fits heads of different shapes and sizes.

Beginner’s Guide to Headsets for Call of Duty

What Are Headsets for Call of Duty?

A headset for Call of Duty is essentially a gaming headset but with audio qualities tuned to the soundscapes of a fast-paced, first-person game like Call of Duty. Like other gaming headsets, the most highly-rated choices for CoD include wired headset options and a few wireless gaming headsets. Of course, many players prefer a wired connection for Call of Duty as with other competitive games.

You’ll want to see our best Astro headset list and HyperX headset list for similar headsets.

Headsets for Call of Duty vs Gaming Headsets in General

Call of Duty audio peripherals tends to be larger and more robust than the wireless headsets gamers often choose for mobile and casual gaming. Compared to other gaming headsets, the best choices for CoD: Warzone and similar games deliver a more immersive audio experience and have less latency. Sound quality is more critical for Call of Duty than it is for many other types of games.

Like other gaming headphones, the best models for CoD usually have some features to cancel out background noise.

Compared to the average popular headset, wired and wireless gaming headsets in this category will likely have more detailed audio settings and wider virtual audio soundscapes. This feature is critical because directional accuracy is more important for Call of Duty than for other games.

When it comes to headsets for such competitive gaming, comfort is more important as well. A comfortable headset for Call of Duty and Modern Warfare likely will have a more ergonomic design than the typical budget headsets for gaming.

How Headsets for Call of Duty Work

Headsets for CoD work similarly to other gaming headsets, and they usually include a pair of speakers and an integrated microphone. Headsets receive digital audio signals and produce sound through the earphones’ speakers after being connected to a device, such as a PC, game console, or laptop, via wired cable or wireless technology.

They usually include an attached microphone as well. As with the sound quality of the speakers, the mic quality varies highly. Some models have a flexible microphone, and some have a retractable microphone or include a flip-to-mute mic feature. More expensive headsets tend to use sophisticated noise-canceling microphone technology. Quality will still be less than what you get with a separate boom mic, but the best headset options for professional gamers have plenty of quality for clear chat audio.

A great CoD headset for gamers can use over-the-ear speakers with either an open-back or closed-back design. Many enthusiasts prefer to work with a closed-back noise-isolating headset with an uninterrupted focus in mind. Connectivity can involve a traditional 3.5mm headset jack or a USB or USB-C cable. Some models also have wired and wireless modes available. Wireless models typically use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Why Should You Buy a New Headset for Call of Duty?

Compared to other popular games, CoD relies much more heavily on the audio experience. In addition to a clear chat headset, a great set of headphones for Call of Duty games helps gamers use directional audio to hone in on enemy movements. This means you’ll want a set of headphones with good frequency response and precise, easy-to-use audio controls.

If you’ve recently started playing CoD more competitively, you might find that a new headset will improve your gaming experience and help you communicate more clearly with teammates.

When upgrading to a new PC or gaming monitor, upgrading your headset and gaming headphones might make sense for more quality or better comfort. Newer models produce superb audio quality compared to older and cheaper models, and they may include audiophile-quality features like dedicated woofers, customizable sound settings, and dual magnetic drivers. Newer audio technology also has more up-to-date device compatibility. Modern gaming and chat headsets can offer integrated Xbox wireless connectivity as well as traditional audio jack connections.

Is a Headset for Call of Duty Worth Buying?

  • New Gaming Setup: If you’ve just gotten a new gaming console or PC, you might want to upgrade your gaming audio experience to go along with the new platform hardware. Newer headsets can also more easily switch between devices and may offer more connectivity options, making it easier to adapt to a new device.
  • Competitive Gaming: Gamers often switch headsets for Call of Duty tournaments and longer sessions in the interest of performance and improved comfort. The right headset with a proper ergonomic design can make a big difference over hours of gaming time.
  • Noisy Housemates: Improved background noise cancellation is another reason to use a dedicated gaming headset or upgrade to a newer model. With more effective noise cancellation, you can listen to the effects and directional sound in the game without turning the volume up.
  • Dual-Purpose Work and Gaming: A CoD headset with decent quality and a good mic isn’t just helpful for gaming and esports, it can also provide benefits for working remotely. Gaming headphones with an ergonomic design can deliver improved comfort levels for meetings and work calls. This is also why they’re considered great gaming headsets for glasses wearers.

Why Headsets for Call of Duty Might Not be For You

  • You Also Use a Mobile Device for Music and Gaming: If you frequently use a mobile device or switch between platforms often, you might wonder if a dedicated Call of Duty headset is worth it. However, some top-performing CoD headsets today offer sophisticated multi-device capability and a wireless mode option that preserves decent battery life for mobile use.
  • You Prefer a Separate Boom Microphone and Wired Headphones: Some streamers and professional gamers use a standalone mic and separate headphones for a more refined gaming audio experience. However, headsets tend to be much more convenient, and the best models excel with HD-quality sound.

How Long Will Headsets for Call of Duty Last?

As with other gaming headsets and chat headsets, typical Call of Duty headsets lasts two to four years. However, their lifespan can vary widely based on factors like the quality and design of the speakers, the headband material, and the type of microphone attachment. The longevity of headphones and headsets also varies by use case and storage location.

In general, wired earphones last longer than wireless headsets, and over-the-ear models last longer than earbuds. The batteries are usually rated on wireless gaming headsets for about 500-1500 charge cycles. A wired headset for gamers tends to show wear on the cable connectors and earphone cushions first. The microphone arm can wear out and come loose on a cheap headset.

To maximize the lifespan of your gaming headset, store it in a cool area away from humidity and excess dust. Keeping headsets in a drawer or cabinet can help protect them from accidental spills.

How to Choose the Best Headset for Call of Duty

Various factors can help determine the best Call of Duty headset for your needs. To maximize your gaming audio experience, you’ll want to choose a model that works with your gaming habits and is well-adapted to your favorite games and gaming platforms. You’ll want to choose a headset for extended comfort if you’re a competitive gamer.

Headset for Call of Duty Key Factors

1. Do You Need a Travel Headset?

Headsets for gaming are more convenient and portable than a separate microphone and headphone setup. That said, if you need to travel often, you might want to consider a folding headset or a wireless option. Wireless models may also pair more easily with mobile devices.

2. Do You Play Competitively?

Competitive gaming calls for the best ergonomics for all-day comfort and the best sound quality and durability. So if you’re a more serious gamer, you’ll want to consider both the material quality and the design of the headphones.

3. Do You Also Use Them for Music?

Audiophiles will find the same features that make the best headphones for music and will generally perform well in a gaming scenario, but not all gaming headsets are up to the task of rendering your favorite songs. However, you can find great music headphones that are also comfortable enough to use for long hours of gaming.

4. What Platforms Do You Use?

Platform compatibility is another crucial factor in choosing the best headsets. Some modern gaming headsets support pairing automatically with the Xbox One. Gamers using a newer laptop or tablet might want to consider headsets that connect via USB-C.

Best Headsets for Call of Duty Questions (FAQ)

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