How to Repair a Gaming Headset

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Updated October 26, 2022

Understanding how to repair a gaming headset doesn’t take vast technical knowledge. You can easily perform your headphone repairs with a few supplies, like a sharp knife or a drop of solder.


  • First, figure out if you have a limited lifetime warranty. Unauthorized product modification will void even the most expansive limited lifetime warranty.
  • Wire exposure or fraying is a huge issue. A solid solution to wire exposure uses soldering techniques and an actual wire stripper.
  • A band cushion issue is fixable through a band DIY-style solution. There are multiple options for a wired or Bluetooth headband repair.

Even the best gaming headphones will eventually need headphone repairs. Sometimes headphones get broken from throwing them in your gaming backpack, or through improper storage. So you should learn how to take good care of a gaming headset to ensure it lasts a long time.

Either way, keep reading to learn about major deployment issues with all types of headphones.

What Warranty Period Should I Expect from Over-Ear Headphones?

The warranty period for a pair of headphones depends on whether they’re broken due to faulty workmanship or yourself.

Insider Tip

A replacement service may be available for those having problems with basic power settings, such as their handheld device not turning on.

Some companies provide a 90-day workmanship guarantee, while others offer a one-year warranty. The costs of warranty work mean that not every brand can offer the coveted limited lifetime warranty.

Always check the information manual for further details. Unauthorized product modification is the bane of product failure and will void even the most extensive limited lifetime warranty.

Ideas for Repairing Your Beloved Headphones

You can fix everything from a broken headphone jack to a headphone cable. Common issues will pop up from time to time, and you should know how to fix them if the limited warranty is up. Another simple fix you can do yourself is to replace the ear pads on a gaming headset.

Some audio issues aren’t due to major deployment issues. For example, knowing how to reduce gaming headset sensitivity can fix the bulk of plug issues.

Fixes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time Required: 10 minutes
  • Tools Needed: Product packaging, informational material, phone


Checked to see the warranty work costs, including any shipping costs you may have to cover. If the 90-day warranty is worth it, send the types of headphones you have to the manufacturer.


Sometimes, a limited lifetime warranty is an option. If yours is, reach out to see if the manufacturer can help you. If there isn’t a viable lifetime guarantee or quality guarantee, there’s still hope.


Headphones are fixable products if you have a selection of precision tools and a step-by-step guide. Keep reading to find out how you can fix them.

Headphone Repairs for a Broken Wire

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Time Required: 15 minutes
  • Tools Needed: Wire stripper, soldering iron, electrical tape, or shrink wrap


If audio quality issues arise, it’s likely due to faulty ground wires or a stiff wire. This is true of wired and wireless connections alike. It might be a headphone jack, as well. Additionally, you may need to know how to repair a short in a wired gaming headset or a gaming headset plug.


Diagnose your problem, whether it’s a stiff wire in your headphones or broken signal wires in your wireless devices.


While your soldering iron is heating, strip the outer jacket for your headphone wires. Look for frays or tears in the like-colored wires. Use a couple of drops of solder to repair them.


Once you patch the internal wires, repair the cable jacket using the proper tools. If using electrical tape, make sure it’s tightly wound. If using shrink wrap, be careful while heating to avoid damaging the outer jacket.


Once you fix the problem, it’s time to test run. Learn how to set up your gaming headset on Discord and see if the audio connection works. However, if you are getting poor mic quality, you may need to know how to make a gaming headset windscreen.

Starting a Headphone Band Fix

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time Required: 5 minutes
  • Tools Needed: Scotch tape, super glue, hairdryer


A headphone band fix can happen in multiple ways. While you can rely on new pair, an alternative DIY solution works just as well.


The first step for a headphone band fix is figuring out if it’s just warped or if you have a truly broken headphone band.


If the plastic is warped, use a hair dryer to gently warm the plastic. Bend it back and hold it until the plastic cools off. This isn’t a perfect solution, but it’ll work well enough.


Broken headphone bands are a different story but just as easy to fix. Use a little super glue between the parts that are coming apart.


After the glue dries, use scotch tape to keep them from separating again. This should hold at least until you’re able to get a new pair.


Take caution when using express services for repair not affiliated with the original brand. It might seem like a solid solution, but they can cause more trouble than they’re worth.


What if my actual headphones need a software update?

Sometimes a firmware update is necessary. You should also look into your headphone driver to see if that requires an update, as well. Check with the manufacturer to see if headphone driver updates are available.

Do power surges cause a reason to perform a battery headphone repair?

Power surges can cause issues across the board: from wireless connections to rechargeable batteries. At the least, a fried or stiff wire’s battery life is significantly impaired.

Is a Bluetooth headband repair possible on wireless devices?

If you know what you’re doing. Whether it’s a stiff wire or an issue with a signal wire, a soldering iron will help immensely. Otherwise, look into a replacement service for a more straightforward process.

How can I fix sound quality problems with my gaming console?

There are a few ways to do this. First, make sure that it isn’t the input device causing problems. If it is the input device, check your audio source. Otherwise, check the sound settings in your gaming console. Your gaming console might need updates, as well.

STAT: Most irons run from the mains at 240V. However, low voltage types (e.g. 12V or 24V) generally form part of a “soldering station” and are designed to be used with a special controller made by the same manufacturer. (source)

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