Gaming Headphones vs Normal Headphones

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Updated October 25, 2022

When comparing gaming headphones vs normal headphones, there are a few categories that stand out. Regular headphones are built for general performance, whereas high-end gaming headsets lend a more immersive gaming experience.


  • A quality headset made for gaming might cost more. However, they come with features that provide a more accurate gaming experience, like surround sound technology.
  • Regular headphones don’t have an inbuilt microphone and typically won’t provide a virtual surround feature. However, they will
  • If surround sound technology isn’t crucial and you don’t mind not having an inbuilt microphone, then a regular pair of headphones will be fine.

Finding the best gaming headset for your needs provides a more enjoyable gaming experience. Keep reading to find out which type of headphones better matches your style.

How do You Pick the Best Headphones for Gaming?

First, consider what features are most crucial to have. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you need a built-in mic for multi-player?
  • Is background noise cancellation necessary?
  • Will immersive sound make gaming better?

These are essential factors to consider for an enjoyable gaming experience. The presence of a surround sound feature is another factor to consider heavily.

Insider Tip

Choosing wireless headsets will remove the concern of additional connections for wires.

Comparing a Dolby vs a DTS gaming headset will help you decide how vital virtual surround modes are. You can also compare different brands and models, such as the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro vs Logitech G Pro X.

Microphone for Communication

With gaming headsets, a built-in microphone comes standard. Having a high-quality microphone is crucial for any gaming setup. Regular music headphones will not include a dedicated microphone. That’s why it’s important to know the difference between headphones vs headsets for gaming.

That means you’ll need to purchase a separate microphone for a better gaming experience if you choose normal headphones over a pair of headphones made for gaming.

Overall Audio Quality

The sound quality comes up as a draw since each pair has different audio channels and purposes. Regular headphones are better for a higher-quality sound overall. However, a regular pair cannot provide the same immersive gaming experience that virtual surround sound brings to the table.

If overall sound quality for a better musical experience is appealing, then go with a regular pair. If you want the sounds from explosions in your game to stand out, stick with quality gaming headsets.

Available Price Range

Gaming headphones are more expensive on average because of their added features. Once you get into high-end headphones with either type, the prices are comparable. Wireless headphones will always cost more than those that add additional cables to your setup.

You do lose some features with regular headphones. For example, not purchasing a separate microphone is one feature of gaming headphones that will save you money.

The connection type can raise or lower the price, as well. Comparing a gaming headset USB vs a 3.5 mm audio cable will clear up any confusion you have.

Additionally, you might wonder if speakers vs a headset are better for gaming.


Poor microphone quality will prevent communication between team members in multi-player games.


What makes high-quality headphones for gaming worth it?

There are several reasons you want to invest in high-quality pairs of headphones:

  • They feature a detachable microphone for convenience
  • The over-ear headphones use comfortable, lightweight materials
  • Their sound quality is closer to studio headphones

What are consumer-style headphones?

This is another name to describe regular kinds of headphones. The marketing of consumer headphones isn’t geared towards gamers, so they lack features like a removable microphone.

Do I need dedicated headphones for gaming?

Whether you can use a standard headphone or require a gaming variety of headphones depends on your personal preference. Those who game infrequently should choose a more versatile headphone.

Are there different types of surround sound?

Yes, and the type you choose will determine multiple factors, like the quality of your treble sound. The best kinds are 7.1-channel headsets.

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