Why do I have to Install a Driver for My Gaming Headset?

Updated: Feb 11, 2024 4:43 PM


If you’ve ever asked, “Why do I have to install a driver for my gaming headset?” rest assured that you aren’t the only one. Understanding sound settings has the best people scratching their heads.

Key Takeaways_

  • An audio device driver allows wired or wireless headsets to process audio output. They make it easy to hear the precise location of enemy footsteps and bullets whiz by you.
  • Some headsets require special software, such as the Logitech G Hub. Companies make downloading a driver easy using systems like the Alienware Headset Center.
  • If you have trouble with your audio connection, always check the levels tab by right-clicking on the sound icon to open it. The sound window that pops up provides troubleshooting options.

The best gaming headset will come with advanced sound settings that you’ll need to learn. Keep reading, whether you’re listening on mobile devices or using a connection type on your computer, such as a USB port. Additionally, you may want to check out our article on audiophile headphones vs gaming headsets to see which suits your needs better.

We’ll make your audio driver make sense in this article.

It should be noted that there are two different drivers here. There is a driver that is a physical component inside the earcup of your headset. This driver is what converts the electrical signals you receive into sound. Knowing what size driver is needed for a gaming headset is a good place to learn more about this. The second type of driver is what this article is about. This driver is software that helps the headset communicate with what it is connected to (PC, game console, phone, etc.).

What is Driver Software in Game Audio Devices?

Most people understand that every device has a few types of audio ports they can use, from headphone ports to lesser-used USB ports.

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Any trouble with headset microphones is easy to troubleshoot with the recording tab. This is in the sound menu under operating system options.

No matter the connection options you use, all audio settings rely on a device driver. Sometimes microphone issues can also be caused by a bad driver. Luckily, companies make installing the correct one easy.

This might not always be the cause of your audio issues, however. If you’re still left wondering, “Why do my gaming headsets break?” then we have an excellent article for you.

How to Find the Correct Default Audio Device Driver

Manufacturers make finding the correct driver easy. All you need to do is make sure you have the correct device information and head to their website. It’s a good idea to put the software on a USB drive so different consoles have access to software installation.

Contact the vendor if you can’t find the driver on the website or require additional software.

Why It’s Important to Have the Correct Driver

Your audio input and output won’t work correctly without the correct device driver. This means you won’t enjoy either game or chat audio. If there is an issue with your driver, it can be one of the reasons why your gaming headset can disconnect while gaming.

When You Should Update Audio Driver Software

When not in use, make sure you learn where to store a gaming headset properly. If it breaks, you’ll have to rely on the sound experiences provided by your device’s default speakers.


Headset volume can damage your ears if it’s too high. Keep the volume to less than 60% to avoid permanent hearing loss.

Make sure you update your driver software every time you receive a prompt from your system. This will happen randomly, depending on when the company releases patches, bug fixes, or upgrades.

If you need to uninstall anything, learning how to uninstall a gaming headset safely is crucial to ensure you don’t have trouble installing your next headset.

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