What Size Driver Is Needed for a Gaming Headset?

Updated: Feb 8, 2024 1:00 PM


So, what size driver is needed for a gaming headset? There are two categories for driver size, both of which we’ll explore below. Dynamic drivers are responsible for providing a fantastic audio experience during hours of gaming.

Key Takeaways_

  • Larger dynamic drivers are best for processing bass frequencies. However, they can be lethal weapons for your ears, so always set up your dedicated volume controls.
  • On the other hand, smaller dynamic drivers will move less air which means they have a lesser quality audio output in most cases.
  • The quality of your audio devices will determine sound quality more so than the size of your drier. Having renowned surround sound grants the best sound quality.

The best gaming headset will have excellent frequency response, work with mobile devices, and cancel background noise. It should also have the right dynamic drivers to power incredible audio enhancements.

What Types of Drivers are Best for Intense Gaming Sessions?

Any audio drivers that come standard in an over-ear gaming headset will be suitable for your gaming sessions, no matter how intense. However, remember that larger driver types are not always better. Deciding what size drivers go in a gaming headset comes down to a few factors.

Beyond that, what really matters most is regular maintenance on your over-ear headphones, including the ear cushions. Learning when to replace ear pads on a gaming headset is a significant first step.

The Different Types of Drivers by Size

Whether gaming on a laptop or the Nintendo Switch, driver size matters. However, it isn’t the only variable to keep in mind. The mic matters in gaming as much as having cinematic gaming audio.

Learning about microphone sensitivity is a huge help. Asking, “What is voice monitoring in a gaming headset?” will help you dive into how your microphone affects your gaming experience.

Reasons for Choosing a Larger Diaphragm

The sound experience of your over-ear headset is crucial to the online gaming style of most people. And since games are bass-heavy, the frequency response of larger drivers will help immensely if you need better bass levels.

Why Smaller Driver Types Aren’t the Best Option

Overall, smaller sizes will produce fewer audio details for your sound effects. They move less air, which means they can’t create the same sound waves as larger drivers.

Which Size is Best for Dynamic Drivers?

A headset is centered around using advanced tech geared toward providing cinematic gaming audio. Your over-ear gaming headset’s driver will be the best fit for that model. Because of this, go for an overall amazing gaming headset rather than focusing on individual tech specs.


High sound levels cause permanent hearing loss. Keep the volume level to 60% or below to avoid damaging your ears.

But keep in mind that you will need to get a gaming headset with good latency.

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