What is Voice Monitoring in a Gaming Headset?

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Updated October 26, 2022

If you’ve ever asked, “What is voice monitoring in a gaming headset?” then you’re in luck. Most people wonder how their gaming sessions could improve, and mic monitoring is a great way to do that.

However, most people don’t bother asking why would anyone use a gaming headset. This is because headsets are best for streaming and great for gaming, so the audio surrounds you, giving you an immersive gaming experience.


  • Voice monitoring is also known as mic monitoring, a testing system found across all gaming platforms for your pair of headphones.
  • Using microphone monitoring systems lets you ensure your mic quality produces awesome sound for multiplayer mode in your favorite games.
  • You can set your default microphone device and check mic quality in sound settings, accessible by right-clicking on the sound icon for Windows.

The best gaming headset is useless if you don’t check the award-winning sound quality of your boom mic. And, if your gaming headset doesn’t work with Xbox One, it’s not worth using. So, if your favorite games include multiplayer titles, keep reading.

Is the Mic Monitoring Feature the Same as Voice Monitoring?

These two terms are interchangeable, and you’ll typically hear mic monitoring as the favored term.

Mic monitoring is a testing system with multi-system compatibility, meaning you can find it on everything from Xbox One to the Nintendo Switch.

Your multi-player gaming experience hinges on a working, flexible boom microphone. Whether you’re using Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or a computer, keep reading to learn more.

How to Use Headsets with Mic Monitoring Feature

Whether you’re using a single- or dual-mic system, your microphone needs to work correctly for your wired or wireless headsets.

Insider Tip

Surround sound is crucial for an immersive gaming experience on the Nintendo Switch.

Using a separate podcast microphone is preferable for the best input audio quality possible. Either way, running a test on your flexible boom mic or podcast microphone will help.

Having a working built-in or separate USB microphone isn’t the only concern for wired or wireless headsets. You should also ask other questions with comfort, like “What is gaming headset clamp force?

Using Mic Monitoring Before Gaming Sessions

There are only a few steps to ensure the best input audio quality for your in-game chat. We’ll also go over how to troubleshoot problems that pop up so you can get awesome sound from your wired or wireless gaming headset.

Keep reading to ensure that your gaming headphones will produce legendary sound for an immersive experience.

Checking Your Voice Chat Sound Quality

Both wired and wireless headphones require checks for sound before commencing chat-related game audio. Once you plug the audio cable into your audio jack.

For Nintendo Switch or Xbox One, head over to the audio options. Go under microphone settings, and there should be an option to perform mic testing.

If you’re gaming on a PC, right-click on the sound icon. Navigate to “Sound Settings” and scroll down to the section that says “Test Your Microphone.”

Troubleshooting Poor Microphone Quality

Most platforms have the option to troubleshoot your mic connection, so you get legendary sound while on voice calls.

Other troubleshooting might include different parts of your wireless or wired headset. For example, the question, “What size driver is needed for a gaming headset?” will eventually pop up.


Be careful with your charging cable for your headset if you have a premium wireless connection. Wear and tear make charging dangerous.


Is Turtle Beach Corporation the best brand for excellent headset features?

The Turtle Beach corporation creates great models, whether a wired or wireless gaming headset. Choosing Turtle Beach provides a high-powered gaming headset with desirable features, like award-winning sound for an immersive experience.

What are the best wireless or wired headsets on the market?

The best options for lifelike sound are known as audiophile headphones. There are a few different options for preferable models, whether you’re on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or PC:

  • Turtle Beach Recon
  • SteelSeries Arctis Pro
  • HyperX Cloud headsets

How do I know if my current headset has multi-platform compatibility?

Some systems have stringent requirements that make finding a compatible headphone model difficult. Xbox One is difficult, while Nintendo Switch has a common headset adapter. Read the product description to determine if you’re looking at headsets compatible with your platform.

What features should I look for in my high-powered gaming headset?

There are a few features to keep an eye out for while you’re reading the product description:

  • Surround sound for lifelike sound and an immersive gaming experience
  • Mute button on the in-line controls for quick chat control
  • Detachable cable for headsets with wireless technology
  • Hours of battery life from a single charge

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