What if Your Gaming Headset Doesn’t Work on Xbox One?

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Updated October 26, 2022

So, what if your gaming headset doesn’t work on Xbox One? This can be an issue with headphone jack adapters, your headset cable, and more. Figuring out the problem doesn’t have to be complicated, however.


  • The biggest issue you may encounter is that your Xbox One is not compatible with the gaming headset you choose to use.
  • If your wired or wireless gaming headsets are compatible with your Xbox One, turn your Xbox One off and then back on again. You should also check for firmware updates.
  • Play with the audio output and mic settings of your Xbox One if you’re having problems sending audio to party chat.

There are simple fixes if your best gaming headset isn’t working on your Xbox One. The same is true if your Xbox One X is not picking up your mic on the headset when recording gaming. Ensuring you haven’t hit the mute button on accident is one. You can avoid this by learning the controls for a gaming headset. For more common issues, keep reading.

Is it Common to Have a Headset Issue on Xbox One?

An audio issue with headphone jack adapters, wireless devices, or headset volume can throw any gamer for a loop. Honestly, it’s common for the Xbox One to have a game audio issue, even more so for sending audio to party chat.

Although, if you’re on a PlayStation and your PS4 headset has no audio, that may be a different issue.

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Privacy settings include parental controls to ensure online safety for kid profiles on Xbox Live.

Your first step is to make sure you understand the systems you use. If you never ask yourself, “What is a gaming headset?” you’ll miss out on much information that will help you troubleshoot game audio issues.

You might need a new headset if you’re still experiencing issues with the audio, even after troubleshooting. In that case, you’ll want to check out our comparison article of the Alienware AW510H vs AW988.

Hit the Power Button on Your Xbox One

The solution to many hardware problems is turning it off and back on. You should do this for your Xbox one by turning it off using basic power settings. Hit the button and allow it to shut down completely.

Then, remove the power cable and let the system rest for at least five minutes. Then, plug the power cable back in and turn the Xbox One on again.

Look into Your Xbox One Audio Settings

Xbox One has multiple volume settings, as well as chat settings. Head to the settings menu and scroll through the options, paying close attention to the chat mixer options.

You should also check for high latency if you use wireless gaming headsets. Check out our article on what does gaming headset latency mean if you’re not sure.

Check for a New Xbox One Firmware Update

If you conclude that your headset isn’t to blame, it’s time to look for an update. To check for a firmware issue, head to settings again. You’ll then do the following:

  • Select “Devices & Streaming”
  • Navigate to “Device Info”
  • Choose “Firmware Version”
  • Update the system if one is available

Look for a controller update while you’re there, as well.

For more help with audio, check out our guide to learning what voice monitoring is in a gaming headset.


Xbox One is not compatible with every stereo headset adapter, so check your stereo headset adapter for compatibility.


How do I clean the USB port for my Xbox One?

Use a cotton swab or Q-tip with a bit of high-percentage isopropyl alcohol. Go gently and make sure you don’t leave any cotton strands behind.

What do I do if my chat headset controls aren’t working on Xbox One?

Chat audio balance is hard to get right. If the inline volume controls aren’t working, check the USB cable. If you see fraying or damage, the USB cable is to blame. Check your headset adapter, as well.

How do I get a perfect mix of game audio from my sound device?

That depends on what you’re using. For Xbox One, the best headset connector is a high-quality wired connection. Use the audio jack as much as you can.

Can I use a 3D gaming headset on my mobile device?

Your mobile device more than likely can process intense game volume. However, most phones don’t have high-intensity audio game sounds since those titles tend to be simple.

STAT: While most citizens in the Xbox 360’s major markets, US, EU, and Japan, may not consider these systems hard to obtain, many millions of people globally do not have the luxury of high-speed access to the Internet and the Xbox 360 console. (source)

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