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How to Use a Gaming Headset on a PS4

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Learning how to use a gaming headset on a PS4 doesn’t require fancy, additional connections. A PS4 headset is preferable, but you can easily use most wired headsets. A wireless headset is even easier to use.


  • Figure out what audio cable your premium headset requires. If you need an adapter, purchase one. A 3.5mm audio jack will fit into your PS4 without an issue.
  • If you have a Bluetooth PS4 headset, pair that as you would any other device without any other output device that doesn’t have an audio cable.
  • Always look for an audio device with background noise cancellation and features like virtual surround sound. Having a strong headset battery is also essential.

You’ll want to use the best gaming headset in your budget to get the most out of whatever audio device you’re using. There’s no better way to experience game sounds.

Does the PS4 Console Provide the Best Gaming Experience?

If you want fantastic game audio, you can’t go wrong with a PS4. This is a timeless classic that supports multiple types of game titles. All you need is a comfortable headset, and you can also engage in chat audio. Additionally, that’s all you need when you’re using a gaming headset on Xbox One.

You can still use a headset when you finish playing your favorite games. Learn how to use a gaming headset for an iPhone to continue your upgraded audio experience on a mobile device.

How to Use a Compatible Headset with PS4 Titles

Figuring out audio connections might feel impossible, but almost any option on the gaming headset market will work. A few types of headsets may need an adapter, but those are another easy fix.

Insider Tip

You can set microphone sensitivity as well as microphone level in the audio output settings of any device, including a Nintendo Switch.

For Headsets with a Wired Connection


Figure out what audio output port your headset jack plugs into. Find a compatible adapter for your wired USB headset if it’s a USB port.


Otherwise, most headsets have a 3.5mm audio jack that will fit perfectly. Once you have something compatible, plug it into the headset jack on your PS4.


You’re now able to enjoy your PS4. If you have a different system, we have articles to help. For example, learning how to use a gaming headset on a Switch for those with a Nintendo Switch. And for those who are Xbox fans, we have a guide that teaches you to use an Xbox 360 gaming headset on Xbox One.

For Headsets with Bluetooth Connectivity


Bluetooth devices are far easier to connect. First, turn on your wireless gaming headset.


After this, navigate to the sound settings. From the content visible to you, pick your wireless headsets name.


From there, you should be able to pair the two audio devices together successfully.


Be gentle with the audio cable since fixing them can be a tricky process


Can I connect my premium headset with a smartphone?

If you have a compatible audio cord, then absolutely. However, if you have an incompatible audio cable, like an optical cable, you won’t be able to use them together.

How are games supposed to sound?

Select games require virtual surround sound, so you’ll need to enable it in your audio output settings. Audio clarity is a huge factor, so ensure there isn’t a severe audio delay for realistic sound.

Will my premium headset work with a Nintendo Switch?

A Nintendo Switch can use any 3.5mm audio cable. If you have a Nintendo Switch, it’s best to find a headset explicitly made for the system. If your headset is specific to the Nintendo Switch, you’ll see that in the product description.

What are features essential to have with a headset?

There are several features you should keep in mind when shopping:

  • Compatibility with systems like the Nintendo Switch
  • Inclusion of an audio cable for a wireless model
  • Enhanced battery life for more battery power

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