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How to Use Your Apple Headphones as a Gaming Headset on Your PC

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Learning how to use your Apple headphones as a gaming headset on your PC can save a lot of money. Apple doesn’t provide a single jack connector like any other input device you might use.


  • If you’re using a wired design, purchase an adapter that switches lightning connectors to the USB slot or a 3.5mm jack connector.
  • For wireless earbuds or headphones, connect using Bluetooth. Go into your control panel, find the audio device settings, and pair the over-ear headphones.
  • Contact Apple Support for technical support if you run into issues connecting AirPods with your audio device.

While they might not compete with the best gaming headset, Apple earbuds and headphones are never a wrong choice for audio playback. Pair the wired or wireless earbuds with high-quality game controllers, and you’ll have a powerful duo for gameplay.

Is a Pair of Apple Headphones Suitable for Game Audio?

While they might not have the best audio quality compared to a standard pair of headphones, they come close. Unlike traditional headphones, modern Apple products don’t use an audio jack connector. Instead, their proprietary lightning cable. Alternatively, you can read about how to use a combo jack with a gaming headset.

This makes them far different from traditional, everyday headphones you use with an alternative device for gaming. For example, if you know how to use a gaming headset on an Xbox One, you know different gaming and streaming devices call for other audio input options. For instance, you may wonder if you are wearing a headset when playing games if a gaming soundcard is still useful.

Using Apple Earbuds or Headphones for Game Audio

All you need to make this work is the right audio cables to convert the headphones to your audio port. If you’re using Apple Earbuds, they’ll connect like a regular wireless headset.

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If you have a child getting into gaming, kids’ headphones are a better match than cheap headsets for adults.

There are some similarities. For example, you don’t have to learn how to wear a gaming headset specifically for Apple Earbuds. Apple earbuds also offer fantastic balanced sound quality and advanced audio settings. However, if you do require glasses, it may benefit you to know how to wear a gaming headset with glasses to ensure your comfort. Additionally, if you are not completely comfortable during your gaming sessions, check out our article on how to make a gaming headset more comfortable.

In the simple step-by-step guide below, we’ll go over how over-ear headphones by Apple connect to a PC.


If you’re using wired headphones by Apple, modern versions will connect using a proprietary lightning cable. Order an adapter for a USB port or single jack connector.


Plug in the wired headphones once you have your adapter. Then, plug the adapter into either the USB slot or jack connector port.


For wireless headphones by Apple, you’ll connect like you would for regular wireless headphones. First, open the control center and navigate to sound settings.


Click on the “Connected Devices” area. Finally, connect your pair of earbuds or headphones using the Bluetooth connection.


Adjust your sound settings and turn on surround sound for game audio in the control panel. Once you finish adjusting the audio settings in the control panel, you should have a perfectly balanced sound.


Make sure your headset microphone is set as your default device in the control center, or your microphone port won’t register the mic input.


Can I Apple Earbuds for microphone input?

Turtle Beach’s options usually are compatible. However, you should always check to ensure the model is an Xbox wireless-compatible headset before your purchase.

Do wireless earbuds have better sound quality?

This is a common misconception about wireless earbuds. Wired earbuds experience less audio lag and don’t rely on providing hours of battery life to have guaranteed, continuous game audio.

Does active noise cancellation matter for my dedicated headphones?

Active noise cancellation is crucial to keep background noise from causing audio interference. Always choose a headset microphone that provides active noise cancellation to keep background noise from overwhelming you.

What third-party devices can I use with Apple products?

Any Bluetooth-enabled devices are compatible, including the following: wireless game controller, wireless TV headphones, wireless keyboards

STAT: Apple has a history that spans over 30 years, and during that time the company has experienced its ups and downs in financial performance. (source)

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