Gaming Headset vs Office Headset

Updated: Feb 14, 2024 11:29 AM


If you’re a gamer who recently started working from home, you probably consider using your headset for both purposes. Still, there are major differences between a gaming headset vs an office headset. For example, you probably find the best gaming headset centered around sound, while office models focus on voice.

Key Takeaways_

  • Gaming headphones offer background noise cancellation and surround sound audio for wired or wireless headsets with a dongle.
  • Office headsets feature background noise cancellation over the microphone and superior sound quality for all your meetings.
  • You should choose a gaming model with a USB dongle to take advantage of 3D surround sound background audio while gaming.

As you work, you need to limit the sound coming through the microphone, focusing more on enhancing the microphone and the durability of the headset. While gaming, you want comfort and sound quality because you’ll wear this option for an extended period of time.

Differences Between a Gaming Headset and a Business Headset

Comfort remains the top priority for many Americans, and gaming headsets generally satisfy this feature for wireless headsets and wired headsets. However, while you work, you want a lightweight option that lets you hear what is going on in your office at any volume by design.

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Gaming headset designs typically feature extra padding for enhanced comfort.

Because you want different features within your two headphones, you should consider the differences in comfort, audio quality, versatility, and added features, like background noise cancellation for your over-ear headset or on-ear headset. In addition, while looking for a new headset among the wide range of audio and voice options, you should consider whether you want a gaming headset with a 3.5 mm vs. USB dongle connection for comfortable headsets.


Gaming headphones often feature more padding than their office counterparts. This padding might be along the headset’s top and around the ears. If you wear a gaming headset for a long time, these factors solidify the comfort during your gaming experience. However, gaming headsets also seem heavier than other headphone versions.

Remember, you can also compare headsets to see which ones will be more comfortable for you. Moreover, the style and type of headset are just as important. They all have slight differences that make them good or not for gaming.

STAT: Today, more than half of all businesses in the US and Europe deploy video conferencing, 47% use web conferencing, and 44% use stand-alone audio conferencing (i.e., not as part of a larger video or web event). (source)

Most headsets designated for office use feature lightweight designs but otherwise do not enhance your comfort level. The plastic connecting the ears may press on your head, and the ears often contain only a thin layer of foam. The former factor can cause headaches for some users over several hours.


Both gaming and office wireless headsets allow you to stay moving while you talk, making them both versatile products. However, gaming wireless headsets provide high versatility due to their strong construction. This difference results from the design of the overhead connector.


Many gaming headsets lack a noise-canceling microphone, so you probably want an office model for voice calls.

Additionally, these gaming products feature noise-canceling ears to reduce background noise around your house, which is excellent for gamers with children or big families. However, they sometimes lack a noise-canceling microphone. For example, when you enter a meeting at work, you want to have as little background noise coming through the microphone as possible, something designated office headphone manufacturers to consider.

Audio Quality

Many gaming models sacrifice audio quality in exchange for additional features, like 3D audio and virtual surround sound. However, they are perfect for gaming because they offer the bass-heavy audio the game makers plan. Then, with the volume buttons on wired headsets, you adjust the audio as you want, and the virtual surround sound tips you off to your enemies’ location.

The audio quality of a pair of headphones for the office varies greatly within the wide range of prices, but they provide excellent microphone quality. In addition, the best wireless range over-ear headset expedites your meeting by ensuring a strong connection for your audio pair of headphones and little interference from your environment.

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