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Understanding how to wear a gaming headset properly will allow you to enjoy hours of playtime without irritating your sensitive ear cartilage. Of course, you can fall back on silicone ear tips to help.


  • First, prioritize headphone safety by using an over-ear headset. Stay within safe audio units if your personal preferences are products like the AirPods Pro.
  • Using comfortable headsets will lessen any health risks with these audio connections and allow you to enjoy their lifelike sound better.
  • Watch for signs of hearing loss, primarily if you use high audio units or extensive modifications to the audio components that could cause a health risk.

Be cautious with this method since silicone ear tips cause contact dermatitis. Fortunately, the best gaming headset options on the market are built with comfort in mind.

Beyond that, you can use a wide range of tips and tricks to decrease irritation.

Is Having Comfortable Headphones Important?

Having comfortable headphones is crucial if you want to enjoy hours of playtime. A pair of headphones is only worth purchasing if you can wear them for extended periods.

Background noise cancellation, built-in microphones, and realistic audio production are crucial features. However, they don’t guarantee comfort.

A pair of headphones from Apple is a great way to ensure your comfort. Learning how to use Apple headphones as a gaming headset on a PC is an excellent step toward audio quality and a pleasant experience.

Moreover, if you know how to use a gaming headset on Xbox One, you won’t have issues with gaming headset latency, if you know how to use it correctly. But, if you do come across any problems, you might need to know how to repair a short in a wired gaming headset.

How to Wear Any Type of Headphones Correctly

Over-ear headphones are the best option for audio quality and comfort. Even so, you can still experience irritation or noise-induced hearing loss if you aren’t following headphone safety guidelines.

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Wireless headsets that connect using micro-USB are useful for mobile devices, especially if your mobile devices are modern.

Correctly wearing over-ear headphones is crucial to preventing noise-induced hearing loss. Keep reading for a wide range of ways to keep headphone safety in mind while blocking out background noise.


First, make sure you understand how to wear a gaming headset with glasses. Maintaining a proper seal ensures they’re blocking background noise for bespectacled people. Also, ensure you know how to make a gaming headset more comfortable, so you’re not in pain while you game.


Using a headphone jack can impede mobility. Try using wireless over-ear headphones, so you don’t have to maintain balanced cables with poor posture.


Remove anything you wear on either earlobe, like earrings. Otherwise, a wide range of problems can pop up. Over-ear headphones will tug, leading to irritation.


For in-ear headphones, ensure you use the correct bud in each ear for the best lifelike sound quality. Look for the “L” and the “R” to confirm placement for balanced connections.


Look out for signs of hearing loss. It’s common for in-ear headphones to cause noise-induced hearing loss. It’s impossible to repair yourself from noise-induced hearing loss.


A wide selection of extensive modifications can overcome auditory masking but might damage different kinds of headphones.


Does acoustic noise-canceling block external noise in comfortable headsets?

Acoustic noise canceling is also known as active noise canceling. It prevents external noise from causing unbalanced connections and blocking critical sounds. External noise may push you to increase audio units, a considerable health risk.

Does headphone safety outline how long you can wear a wired headset?

If you have active noise canceling in your wired headset, you can wear them longer. Active noise from ambient sound encourages you to increase volume in audio connections. All kinds of headphones can be worn safely for hours daily, especially bone conduction headphones.

What audio components should I look for in most kinds of headphones?

When it comes to audio connections in wired and wireless headsets, there is a wide selection, including:

  • Adjustable headset with balanced cables for balanced connections
  • Ability to block ambient sound and prioritize treble notes and bass notes
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connections for automatic device connection

Is Bluetooth 5.0 necessary to avoid unbalanced connections?

Unbalanced connections can occur due to multiple reasons. To ensure balanced connections, enable Windows Sonic for lifelike sound. Ensure the audio signal is stable when your headphones connect, whether through micro USB or a braided cable.

STAT: Roughly 10 percent of the U.S. adult population, or about 25 million Americans, has experienced tinnitus lasting at least five minutes in the past year. (source)

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