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How to Make a Gaming Headset More Comfortable

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Learning how to make a gaming headset more comfortable means no longer dealing with discomfort during extended periods of gaming. Your temporal bones are sensitive and easily agitated by pressure. Both wired and wireless headsets cause pressure.


  • If you’re wearing glasses with headphones, try cutting a small line where your glasses sit to keep them from digging into your head.
  • Installing extra padding onto the headband or ear cuffs will make your gaming headset comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.
  • Be careful when modifying your wired or wireless headsets. You can lose audio quality if you make modifications incorrectly.

Of course, investing in the best gaming headset, you can afford also helps. While a cheap headset is better for the budget, it’s harder on your head.

Because of this, some consumers may opt to make their own gaming headsets. The other issue might be that most don’t know how to properly wear a gaming headset to provide optimal comfort. Moreover, if you don’t clean your headset regularly, that will also cause discomfort, especially if you have dirty ear cups.

Can I Make a Cheap Headset More Comfortable?

Uncomfortable headphones are easily made cozy with a wide range of tricks. If you’re having issues with your pair of headphones, your gameplay will suffer. Ensuring that you have comfortable headphones is crucial to unwinding with your Nintendo Switch after a long day.

Insider Tip

Avoid silicone ear tips if possible. Silicone ear tips can cause contact dermatitis.

Another damper on your gameplay is a loose cable getting in the way. Knowing how to keep a gaming headset cord out of the way will clear up that problem.


First, add extra padding to the pair of headphones. Glue padding to the band that goes over your head. People with a range of head sizes struggle with pain from the plastic digging into their skulls.


This next step is for people with glasses. Wearing glasses with headphones is notoriously tricky. To fix it, take your Exacto knife and cut a line through the material of your over-ear headphone. This might hurt your headphone style, but your pair of glasses won’t bother you anymore.


The range of head sizes means that an adjustable headset is your best bet. If you don’t have one, you can use a stack of books to make your gaming headset comfortable. Stand the books up and put your headphones on either side of them. This will stretch them a little.


Ear cushion padding is excellent for a wide range of reasons. They muffle background noise, and protect the excellent sound of your comfortable headphones. However, if there is too little padding, it might cause pain to your temporal bones. Place more padding around the ear cuffs of your wireless or wired headset.


Be careful when cutting material or stuffing ear cuffs. Making a mistake could mean losing sound quality, and accurate sound is crucial for gaming. For more fun DIY projects, try learning how to make a gaming headset windscreen.

For more helpful guides, check out our guide to gaming headset clamp force and how to use your Apple headphones as a gaming headset on a PC.


What does noise cancellation do for a wired or wireless gaming headset?

Active noise can lower audio quality. Headphones of decent quality will cancel active noise so that you can enjoy game audio. Depending on your price range, you can cancel almost all active noise.

Is a wireless gaming headset a good investment?

Generally, a wireless gaming headset is preferable to a wired version. Just keep these factors in mind:

  • Hours of battery life available from a single charge
  • Presence of microUSB charging port
  • Ability to sync with multiple devices, like a Nintendo Switch

What kinds of headphones are best for the Nintendo Switch?

If you’re playing on a Nintendo Switch, here are a few options:

  • Turtle Beach Stealth 600
  • Turtle Beach Elite
  • Arctis 7P Plus

How many hours of battery life can I expect from a wireless gaming headset?

That depends on the headset, but most offer anywhere from 10 – 20 hours of usage. You can get more hours out of your headset by decreasing volume to use less power.

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