How to Keep a Gaming Headset Cord Out of the Way

Updated: Feb 9, 2024 7:41 PM

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Difficulty Simple
Steps 3
Time Required < 5 minutes
Tools Needed Cable Clips, Compatible Headset

Unless you’re using a USB gaming headset, knowing how to keep a gaming headset cord out of the way is crucial for gamers. There is a wide range of ways to accomplish this, but today we’ll focus on the three easiest methods.

Key Takeaways_

  • You can use cable clips as an ideal cable cord management system. Purchase your cable clips of choice, and then install them.
  • Some headsets have a detachable cord, so you can also use a wireless mode.
  • Placing the cable behind your back and pulling through your belt loop is the easiest solution. This keeps it flush against your body and keeps it from getting in the way.

If you’ve bought the best gaming headset this holiday season, you need to care for the cable and headphone jack. Failing to do so can impact sound quality and a wide range of other aspects.

With that said, if you want more help in managing your headset, check out our info guides on how to fix static in a gaming headset and how to repair a gaming headset plug.

Why is Cable Management Important?

Cable management is crucial for maintaining your headphone wires. This is especially true of cheap headphones, which degrade more quickly than quality headphones.

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The hours of battery life available are essential when looking at wireless models.

Broken headsets break hearts, so focus on the wide range of ways to keep cables from ruining your gaming session. On that note, learning how to make a gaming headset more comfortable will also help.

Using Cable Holders

Installing cable clips and a headphone hook will save you stress if wireless headsets are out of your price range.

STEP 1 Use cable clips

  • Buy a pack of cable clips to install.
  • Put your cable clips in strategic places next to your computer, minding desk design.
    • The idea is to keep the cable away from your body and out of the way.
  • Once you firmly install the cable clips, install a headphone hook to complete the set-up. This will allow you to keep everything out of the way when you aren’t using them.

Using Detachable Cord

STEP 1 Ensure your headset has a detachable cable

STEP 2 Unplug the cable from the headset

  • Unplug the cable and set it aside.
    • You can use cable clips or a headphone hook while not using the cable.


Allowing your cords to tangle damages the internal wire and can lower audio quality.

STEP 3 Use your headset as usual

  • Enjoy playing without the cord with your wireless headsets.
  • Reattach the cable when you need to charge your headset and hang it up on a headphone hook for best results.

Using Your Belt Loop

This trick only works if you have belt loops to pull the cord through.

STEP 1 Run the cable behind your back

  • Make sure the headset cable is behind you so that you do not pull on it when you move your arms around while gaming.

STEP 2 Run the cable through your belt loop

  • Take the audio jack’s end and pull it through your belt loop. Plug the headset into any headphone jacks as usual.

STEP 3 Enjoy your gaming session

  • The cable is now secure and shouldn’t move around too much while playing.
    • Be careful when getting out of your desk chair, however.
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