How to Improve Headphone Quality for a Gaming Headset with an Amp

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Updated October 25, 2022

If you’re wondering how to improve headphone quality for a gaming headset with an amp, you’re in the right place. A sound amplifier allows you to hear game sounds more clearly.


  • A headphone amplifier works by intercepting the electrical signals from your laptop or mobile devices. They adjust the frequency range, increasing gaming sound volume.
  • Research into the headphone amplifier you want to use. After receiving it, install it and plug in your headset, and play with settings until you have the best sound quality.
  • Keep headphone safety in mind. Overriding the maximum volume of your laptop or mobile devices can negatively impact your hearing.

Using wireless or wired headphones and a sound amplifier will take game immersion to the next level. Even the best gaming headset needs a boost to its volume levels sometimes. This also includes Astro A30 headsets, Astro A40, and Astro A40 TR headsets.

Keep reading to find out how a sound amplifier can help you.

What is a Sound Amplifier?

A sound amplifier allows a pair of headphones to receive louder audio signals from the digital devices you’re listening to. The bigger sound waves translate into larger-than-life game sounds.

Insider Tip

Dolby Atmos is the best technology for audio systems, whether on stationary or portable devices. Always invest in Dolby Digital when you can.

If ambient sounds make it difficult to hear game sounds, you should learn how to get rid of background noise on a gaming headset.


First, look into a sound amplifier for your pair of headphones. Pay attention to reviews on your sound amplifier of choice to ensure the audio experiences of others line up with your needs. Some sound amplifiers cause sound distortion.


Once you receive your sound amplifier, it’s time to use it. Using a high-quality pair of headphones will help with sound distortion. Over-ear headphones by Dolby Digital are an excellent choice for audio quality.


Plug your sound amplifier into your headphone jack. Then, connect your over-ear headphones by plugging them into the sound amplifier according to the manufacturer’s directions. Most sound amplifiers use a simple system.


Check the sound quality once your headphone amplifier is set up. If you hear sound distortion, play with the settings of your audio devices. Check the frequency range and adjust the input signal to your personal preference.


After you have the audio quality set to your liking, you have successfully set up your headphone amplifier. With the extra cords from your headphone amplifier, you may want to learn how to keep a gaming headset cord out of the way.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a guide on equalizing a gaming headset or understanding the gaming headset controls, we have other resources available to help you.


Using open-back headphones can significantly impact your ability to block active noise in the background.


How can I improve my immersive game experience while playing?

For an immersive game experience, invest in a great pair of closed-back headphones with Dolby Atmos technology. Look for 3D audio and reduction of external noise.

Can I add virtual surround sound to any wireless headphones for gaming?

The best way to have positional audio is to invest in headphones using Dolby Atmos technology. However, you can use apps to imitate positional audio for a more immersive game experience.

Can a sound amplifier be dangerous to use?

Headphone safety should be at the forefront of your mind. Failing to adhere to volume recommendations can lead to hearing loss. Look into headphone safety guidelines, and never go above a safe volume.

What does sound distortion mean when using a sound amplifier?

Sound distortion means that the electrical signals are out of sync with your headphones. Make sure the output impedance of your amplifier doesn’t exceed the output impedance of your amplifier.

STAT: Sounds above 130 dB are painful, and most people will avoid these. However, sounds between 85 and 120 dB may not cause physical pain, but they will damage hearing over time. (source)

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