How to Use a Gaming Headset on a PC

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Updated October 26, 2022

Learning how to use a gaming headset on a PC will help you achieve the best game audio possible. If mobile devices aren’t doing it for you, it’s time to upgrade your gaming experience.


  • First, connect your premium gaming headset. After this, you’ll use the sound control panel to ensure it’s the default input device.
  • Next, set your microphone input in the same place. Use the “Microphone Monitoring” PC-only feature to ensure you can use chat audio.
  • There are several different audio ports available. You might need a USB cable, an audio jack, or a wireless connection.

Whether you use a wired or wireless headset, make sure to aim for a quality headset. Using the best gaming headset allows you to enjoy any gaming console, including a PC.

With that in mind, you’ll be able to use a gaming headset with an audio mixer, turn headphones into a gaming headset, and use an Xbox 360 gaming headset on Xbox One. There isn’t a limit to anything that can be done once you know how to use a gaming headset.

Do Connection Types of Headsets for Gaming Matter?

Sound quality depends on both audio devices and connection type. Wireless gaming headsets are more convenient but may not have the same audio quality as wired styles.

These are the most common ways headsets for gaming connect:

  • USB Ports
  • Headphone Jacks
  • Wireless Mode

If you choose a wireless headset, learning how to use a Bluetooth headset for PC gaming is essential.

How to Connect Headsets for Gaming PCs

Keep reading for the ultimate headset connection guide.

Insider Tip

If external sound in your noisy environment is an issue, you can find a headset with noise-cancellation technology for a reasonable price.

Basic Headset Connection Guide


First, plug your headset’s USB cable into your USB port. Or, follow the instructions to connect with wireless mode. You may need to learn how to use a gaming headset splitter.


Some headsets for gaming are plug-and-play, just like gaming keyboards. If your headset for gaming is ready to use, you can move on to the next steps.


If you have one of the headsets for gaming that requires a different setup, follow the product information guide.

Testing Your Connected Headset


Now, it’s time to adjust your sound settings. Right-click on the sound icon and choose “Open Sound Settings.” Set your default audio device to your quality gaming headset in the sound control panel.


Next, check your mic input to ensure it’s set to the correct device. Then you’ll test for mic quality using “Microphone Monitoring,” a PC-only feature.


Once you finish, the mic input should be satisfactory. You’re now ready to access high-quality gaming audio and engage in chat audio.


While an affordable gaming laptop is tempting, their low-quality graphics cards will take away your competitive edge while playing.


Are wired or wireless headphones better for competitive gaming?

Digital audio settings matter more than the presence of an audio cable. Look for positional audio, specifically by Dolby Atmos. Immersive surround sound is an essential feature.

What other equipment do I need for my affordable gaming laptop?

Having a pair of gaming monitors is a great way to upgrade your affordable gaming laptop. There are specific gaming mice that help, as well.

How do I choose the best gaming headset for me?

Looking for gaming headset deals is the best way to get the cheapest headsets with the highest value. You should also look for these qualities:

  • Multiple hours of battery life
  • Dolby Atmos virtual surround sound
  • Advanced microphone technology

Is a Discord-certified mic good to use for VoIP chat?

Discord microphone settings aren’t difficult to understand or adjust. However, having a Discord-certified microphone provides excellent sound and chat capabilities without any adjustment at all.

STAT: The height of the acoustical center of the loudspeaker monitor should be at least 1.2 m above floor level and the inclination angle of its reference axis in relation to the horizontal plane should not exceed 10. (source)

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