How to Wear Headphones with Long Hair

Updated: Feb 7, 2024 3:39 PM

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Knowing how to wear a gaming headset with long hair will save you from dreaded headphone hair. Aside from hair dents, you may experience hair loss from headphones that are too tight. Choosing the right headphone style and wearing certain hairstyles can help if you have long hair.

Key Takeaways_

  • First, choose over-ear headphones with plenty of padding. Wireless headsets are the best option since the cord can tangle in your hair strands.
  • Try out hairstyles that keep your hair out of the way, like braids and buns. Using hair gel might lead to greasy hair, but it’ll help protect hair from damage.
  • Losing hair from damage is more common than most think. Headphone hair dents can slow down or halt your hair growth cycle.

Having the best gaming headset will help with comfort over an extended period. However, there is a wide range of steps to take so you can ensure your hair strands aren’t made weak by headphone hair dents.

What Types of Headphones Cause Dented Hair?

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There are a few qualities to avoid when looking for over-ear headphones compatible with your hair type. Tight headphones can cause multiple problems for hair follicles, including the following:

  • Permanent hair loss over time
  • Reduction of your hair growth cycle

Avoid wearing tight headphones, especially if you have fine to medium hair. Lightweight headphones are fantastic for keeping headphone hair to a minimum.

Adjustable headbands are optimal, especially if you also wear glasses.

For more glasses-friendly information, read our article on how to wear a gaming headset with glasses.

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A lightweight design is preferable for headphones, especially with a closed-back design.

Learning about what a gaming headset clamp force is, can also help you understand why your gaming headset can make your ears hurt.

How to Protect Hair from Headphones While Gaming

Damage to hair shaft layers leads to worse results than just headphone hair. Consistent pressure on hair strands can cause hair loss from damage.


Some infectious diseases can be spread by sharing headphones, so make headphone hygiene a top priority.

Keeping your gaming headset comfortable is essential for a wide range of reasons. Maintaining the seal of your over-ear gaming headsets provides an accurate sound profile.

STAT: There are current studies in Europe that have shown that 10 percent of people between the ages of 13 and 23 who listen to their devices through headphones or earbuds while commuting on public transit have been diagnosed with permanent hearing loss. (source)

1 Choose the Right Hairstyle

  • First, use headphone-friendly hairstyles.
    • Braided hairstyles are fantastic since they pull the hair strands away from your ears and flush against your head. Mist your braided hairstyles with a spray bottle of water to keep everything in place.
      • To perfect your braided hairstyles, include styling gel in your routine. Styling gel will keep even curly hair in place so that each hair shaft has a protective coating.
      • If you hate styling gel, use a bit of water instead. Wet hair can damage over-ear headphones, so use this method with caution. Wet hair can lead to greasy hair, as well.
    • Buns are another great style to wear, as you can have all the hair under the headphone band and not have to worry as much about loose strands getting caught.
    • A low ponytail is another option to keep the hair off your shoulders and less likely to be caught in the moveable parts of the headphones.
  • Make sure you place the headphone band at the top of the head.

2 Choose the Right Headset Style

  • Use a headset with an adjustable headband.
  • You may also want to try on-ear headphones instead of over-ear.
    • On-ear headphones sit on top of the ear instead of around the ear.
  • Lightweight headphones are the best option as they are less likely to push down on your head as you wear them.
  • Wireless headsets are also a great option so you do not have to worry about the cable coming from the ear cubs getting tangled in your hair.
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