How to Wear a Gaming Headset with Glasses

Updated: Feb 15, 2024 7:56 AM
how to wear a gaming headset with glasses guide

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Difficulty Easy
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Time Required A few minutes
Tools Needed A Stack of Books, Exacto Knife

Learning how to wear a gaming headset with glasses is a challenge. Using over-ear headphones with glasses causes an uncomfortable listening experience in most cases. However, there is hope for a better experience for glasses wearers.

Key Takeaways_

  • First, choose from wireless gaming headsets with thick foam. Turtle Beach makes the best options, although they are expensive headsets.
  • Next, carefully cut small slits into the ear pads to fit your eyeglasses frames. Be careful not to cut deeply, or you might impact sound quality.
  • Wear thinner frames, so there’s less bulk in the way of your pair of headphones. This will help you create a better seal around your ear, improving sound quality.

First, make sure you’re using the best gaming headset in your price range. Turtle Beach is an excellent brand for audio quality, active noise cancellation, and premium comfort.

Are There Headsets for Glasses Wearers?

There aren’t specific over-ear headphones made to work with a pair of glasses. However, several comfortable headphones exist that are glasses-friendly.

Turtle Beach makes an excellent line of comfortable headphones with premier audio quality that will work with your glasses frame. Prioritizing the overall level of comfort is crucial for people with glasses.

STAT: The modern style of eyeglasses frame, which could be placed over the ears and nose, was invented in 1727 by British optician Edward Scarlett. (source)

Learning how to wear a gaming headset will help maximize your comfort level.

Wearing a Headset for Glasses Wearers

Sound quality matters greatly for your listening experience. However, having a comfortable experience also matters. For people with glasses, this can be a challenge.

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To reduce the likelihood of oozing, calibrate your retraction speeds and distances.

Today, we’ll make your over-ear headphones glasses friendly and improve your listening experience. Gaming sessions take place over a long period of time. When gaming for extended periods of time, the tips below promote a comfortable experience.

1 Choose the right headset

  • For the best experience for glasses wearers, the headset should not have strong clamp force so it doesn’t dig your frames into your head.
    • Turtle Beach makes fantastic models
  • If needed, you can reduce the clamp force by stretching the headband.
    • Stretch the headphones over a stack of books or similar that is roughly one inch wider than your head.
    • Allow the headphones to stay like this for roughly 48 hours.
  • Prioritize a wireless headset rather than a wired pair of headphones. Wires can get in the way and tangle with your eyeglass frames.

2 Use plush ear pads

  • Choose memory foam ear cushions for maximum comfort. You’ll also need thick ear cushions for the next step in modifying your wireless headset.

3 Trim the ear pads

  • If the earpads are replaceable, trim your ear cushion padding so your eyeglass frames fit snugly inside them. Use a knife to carefully slice small, shallow slits until they fit around your eyeglass frames.

If you have long hair, this can complicate things. Learning how to wear a gaming headset with long hair will help you maintain better comfort.


Consoles like the Xbox One or the Nintendo Switch can only play specific titles compatible with the system.

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