How to Use a Gaming Headset with an Audio Mixer

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Updated February 11, 2023

If you learn how to use a gaming headset with an audio mixer, you can expect a smoother audio experience, especially when sending audio to party chat groups. That is, of course, you’re already using a gaming headset on a PC. And, while you’re doing that, make sure you’re testing your gaming headset microphone before doing any recording. Otherwise, you might not pick up any sound.


  • First, buy your chat mixer console and thoroughly read the instructions for the system. Plug it into your computer and set it up.
  • Plugin your wired headset and make sure you set up your audio device correctly. This includes turning on systems like THX spatial audio and testing microphone input.
  • Once your comfortable headset works seamlessly, and your microphone input is working, it’s time to enjoy hi-res audio.

It doesn’t matter if you have USB headsets, wireless connection options, or a headphone jack. The best gaming headset will provide excellent audio quality in every situation.

This is especially true when paired with the correct device with new audio technology.

Can I Upgrade My Sound and Chat Audio Experience?

High-quality audio for gaming ensures that your stream audio is always top-notch. Upgrading your audio setup is easy, especially on a PC. Here is an array of features to look for:

  • Use a corded gaming headset for stronger audio connections
  • Avoid Bluetooth connectivity because of low latency and lag
  • Look for built-in 3D audio technology for better surround sound

Each additional feature upgrades your chat and sound experiences for your favorite games. Learning to use a gaming headset splitter also helps if you’re playing with multiple people.

Using an Audio Mixer for Stream Audio Control

An audio and chat mixer provides better audio to party chat groups. Audio engineering has come a long way, and this upgrade to audio entertainment is proof of that.

For additional control, look into how to use a gaming headset with the Realtek audio manager. There are endless possibilities to expand your access to controls relating to audio gear.

Insider Tip

The Nintendo Switch is a great gaming system, which is why it’s so popular in the United States.


First, purchase your mixer with your desired audio customization features. There are several, but a console mixer is the best way to up your audio game.


Plug in the audio mix console to the USB port. Turn it on, and follow the instructions to complete your wired connection. Next, you’ll make sure positional audio is on.


Connect your compatible headset to the audio mix console. Then, navigate to the sound settings of your PC. Turn on surround sound to make the most of the sound effects in your gaming experience.


Make sure your mic audio works on your wired headset. Set your preferences for volume control, and test the boom microphone using the Windows mic monitoring system. You now have a robust audio connection for gaming.

For more great guides, check out our info guides on how to use a combo jack with a gaming headset and how to make a gaming headset mic work with Macbook.


Ensuring that playback devices have an accessible mute button is essential to stay aware of your environment.


Do I need audiophile headphones?

Generally, gaming headphones are a better option. They include better optical audio options and built-in THX spatial audio. While audiophile options provide overall smoother audio, they lack spatial audio.

Can I use an audio mixer with a Nintendo Switch?

You can find a converter for anything, whether the audio device is a Nintendo Switch or your mobile device. However, if you purchase the right pair of headphones, you probably don’t need one.

Should I use a wired connection with my wireless headset?

Wireless technology has come a long way but can’t compete with a corded headset. This is why the perfect headset will provide both an optical connection and a wireless mode.

How do I connect a wireless headset to my mobile device?

You’ll connect to your phone the same way you would a Nintendo Switch or PC. Engage the wireless mode by pressing the pairing button. Open the Bluetooth profiles on your ready media devices, and hit the connect button on your device.

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