How to Use a Combo Jack with a Gaming Headset

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Updated June 27, 2022

You can use far more audio devices when you learn how to use a combo jack with a gaming headset. There are several reasons you might need to use a jack adapter. The biggest is that you’re avoiding using the built-in headset microphone.


  • The first step is purchasing a headset splitter adapter. This will allow you to avoid using a low-quality headset mic.
  • Plug-in your mic of choice and your headset. Then, go into the control panel so you can switch over your audio output and input from the default device to your alternative device.
  • Once you aren’t using the default device, see if the sound and audio quality are par. If not, play with the settings until you’re good to go.

Having broad compatibility is crucial. When working with the best gaming headset, you want an equally high-quality separate microphone.

What is a Combo Plug Headset?

Modern tech uses a TRRS jack, combining video and sound input into one headphone jack. Using one jack for audio and video is more convenient than the separate jacks of the past.

Insider Tip

If you run into issues, check your audio driver software and see if updates are available.

There are countless examples of dual jacks. Almost every alternative device for gaming uses them. You may still need to troubleshoot. Whether you have a software or hardware issue, you can solve tech problems quickly with some direction.

Learning how to use an Xbox 360 gaming headset on Xbox One is a great example.

Using a Combo Jack Adapter on a Single Jack Laptop

If you’re using a separate microphone input from your audio cable, you’ll need to use a jack adapter. A single jack laptop or computer doesn’t have a separate mic and sound input.

This is the same for any alternative device you might use. Your mobile device probably uses the same connector type.

The exception of this is an iPhone. If you want to use a quality headset with your iPhone, you’ll need to learn how to use a gaming headset for an iPhone.


Look into the selection of adapter convertors in your budget. Purchase the best one possible, so you don’t compromise sound quality. Once you have it, plug in your headset splitter adapter.


Now, grab any of the wired headsets you use. Plug them into the headset plug side of the headset splitter adapter. Do the same with the microphone input.


Next, you’ll open up the control panel and navigate to the sound settings. Switch the default device for mic inputs to the separate mic. Do the same thing for your headset.


You should have audio playback through your headset and a separate audio device. If the audio quality is low, go back to sound settings and play with the volume control.


Using an in-ear instead of over-ear design can cause damage to your hearing.


Can you use your standard headphones as a mic on Mac?

Unlike iPhones, Mac computers have a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. This means that you can use any type of headphones that plugs into regular audio jacks for sound output.

Why is a single jack connector better than a single jack connector?

Having a singular audio and microphone port is more straightforward than dealing with multiple ports. Dual jacks have become wildly popular for this reason and provide overall better quality.

Are wireless gaming headsets better than wired headphones?

Wireless gaming headsets are popular, but they cause lag in sound, which can be problematic for gaming. This is the same reason you should use wired game controllers. A headset that connects to a USB port is also preferable to wireless headsets.

What should I look for when purchasing wireless headsets?

Make sure you look for the following qualities when shopping:

  • High-quality headset microphone
  • Comfortable, lightweight design
  • Active noise cancellation for external noise

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