8 Reason The Galaxy S4 is Better Than the iPhone 5s (list)

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iPhone 5s vs Galaxy S4
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9 Comments to 8 Reason The Galaxy S4 is Better Than the iPhone 5s (list)

  1. Big screen is not a childish reason at all. Faster processor, thumb-print scanning etc are all distractions! BIG SCREEN is the killer app! It’s the biggest reason why most iphone users are dropping their iphones for the S4. Once you have gotten used to a 5 inch screen, you will never look back. Apple is undergoing their RIM/Nokia moment as Apple is 2 years behind the curve! The 5S should have been the big screen iphone that would allow Apple to challenge the S4. My iphone 4 is falling apart and I can’t wait til next year for iphone! I’m sure many other people are in my shoes.

  2. Nice comparison – however, despite all the shortcomings of the iPhone it still trumps Android devices purely due to its reliability. All Android devices start slowing down and lags after a few months of use. We haven’t seen an exception so far. We just hope Google will push for a transition from Android to Chrome OS soon, which after all is their actual brain child and hopefully a more robust product.

  3. Samsung all the way

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  4. Calendar, weather, mail and traffic conditions along with the estimated time it’ll take to get to your next destination are built into the first panel of the notifications center.

    Also as far as not having the same phone as the person next to you, the reports show that there are way more android phones from trash to the higher end circulating than there are iPhones. If you wanted to get a phone that nobody else has you shouldn’t have picked an android phone.

  5. gadgetreview

    While The Google Now app is available in the App Store, it doesn’t offer the same functionality as the version found on Android

    • gadgetreview

      First off, good job with the “internet courage”. Second, I take it you’re not only an iPhone user, but a defensive one at that?

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