Tunebug Shake

We at least saw one surface speaker system last year, and it looked chintzy at best, oh and not to mention totally impractical – I just can’t imagine using my table’s surface to project sound.

Anyway, a new and practical surface speaker emerged earlier this month from a company called Tunebug.  They make a version (the Vibe) for the home that connects to your computer by a 3.5mm headphone jack, but my real interest lies in the Tunebug Shake.  It straps on to virtually any helmet (bike, skateboard, etc) using one of the two provided mounts and through the magic of conduction turns your entire helmet into a speaker.  It can connect to your device of choosing over either Bluetooth or a wired connection and includes a USB plug for charging.

Tunebug Shake-2

The Vibe is available now for $70, while the Shake will launch February 26th for $119.95.  We’ll be sure to review the latter one.

[via Besportier]


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