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How to Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers

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As the world of connected devices at home expands, it makes sense that many of the best speakers are now Bluetooth accessible. So whether you’re the self-elected DJ at a house party or want to create a calming surround sound for your cat with separation anxiety, it can be great to know how to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers.


  • The ability to stream dual audio Bluetooth speakers likely depends on your streaming device’s manufacturer.
  • You will need smart speakers that are compatible with each other to pair.
  • Certain apps, such as AmpMe, provide the option to sync Bluetooth devices with friends.

However, achieving this type of connection depends on the device’s manufacturer. And if this leaves you longing for more, you can also check out our articles on how to connect wireless speakers to a TV and how to connect Bluetooth speakers to a TV.

How Can I Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers?

Wireless smart speakers are a must-have in today’s world, but a single speaker often doesn’t offer the complete volume or sound quality that’s desired. This is why most users want to make their Bluetooth speakers louder. That’s why understanding the pairing process of how to connect additional speakers is crucial to achieving that supreme stereo sound setup. Also, for the bass heads out there, we have another article that explains how to connect subwoofers to speakers.

Insider Tip

If you own an Apple iPhone and fail to connect to multiple Bluetooth devices, try downloading the latest software by going to device settings.

Apple Homepod Stereo Pair


Access the HomePod app and go into the device settings menu.


Click on the option to create connected speakers.


Select the first and second speakers by tapping on the HomePod icons.


Go back to the settings menu and press done.


Sound test and adjust volume levels.

Use the AmpMe App


Download the app and connect it to your Facebook account.


Press the plus (+) button to begin the party mode, select the compatible device, and choose a streaming service.


Press connect and connect to a Bluetooth speaker.


Create a playlist and invite others. The more people you invite, the more audio devices you can synchronize.


Just because you have two Bluetooth audio devices does not mean that they will automatically connect. Many manufacturers put limitations on their equipment so that they must be paired with the same brand of speaker.

Samsung’s Dual Audio Feature


Go into the advanced Bluetooth speaker settings function.


Switch on the “Dual Audio” selection.


Pair the Bluetooth headphones or connected speakers to the phone.

STAT: Bluetooth 5.0 has doubled the connection speed from the previous version, Bluetooth 4.2. The new data transfer speed of Bluetooth 5.0 is 2 MPS. (source)


Which Bluetooth speaker brands are pairable?

To know this for sure, it’s best to contact the speaker manufacturer. But as a general rule, Bluetooth speakers made by the same company should be compatible (unless one is a much older model). Some companies also offer compatible device options, such as Bose Connect or Bluetooth 5.0 technology.

Is it possible to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers to a TV?

If you have a modern smart TV, you will be able to pair Bluetooth speakers similarly to a mobile device.

What is the point of pairing Bluetooth speakers?

Pairing quality speakers that are Bluetooth compatible can seriously increase the overall audio output. A pair of speakers provides a more immersive sound, deeper bass levels, richer mids and highs, and a better sound experience than a single device.

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