How to Make a Bluetooth Speaker Louder

Updated: Feb 15, 2024 9:35 AM
how to make bluetooth speaker louder guide
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The sad truth about the best speakers is that Bluetooth speakers can’t match a wired setup’s volume level or sound quality. Below, we’ll supply you with some hacks on how to make a Bluetooth speaker louder.

Key Takeaways_

  • Check the battery power level and ensure your Bluetooth speaker is fully charged to significantly increase its volume output.
  • The positioning has a lot to do with increasing bass levels and allowing sound waves to maximize efficiency.
  • You can use equalizer settings to adjust individual frequencies to create better responses for your specific room.

Method 1 Ensuring Full Charge for Optimal Volume

wireless bluetooth speaker plugged into a power outlet

Keep your Bluetooth speaker fully charged to maintain maximum loudness, leveraging the device’s power features to ensure the audio amplifier delivers a clear and powerful sound output through its ports.

Method 2 Adjusting Volume Settings

Maximize the volume on both your mobile device and the speaker. Use the volume up button or volume slider on your music app to enhance connections and sound experience, ensuring the level of volume meets your expectations for listening to favorite tunes.

You can access the equalizer settings to help with volume control. Find these by going into your phone’s device settings and then into volume settings. The EQ settings allow you to adjust the sound volume of specific frequencies that might help your music come through more effectively, depending on your space.

insider tip

Sometimes, cleaning the speaker grill with rubbing alcohol can successfully lift the overall volume of your speaker.

Understanding how EQ works can help bring out the best acoustic experience in your audio output, as you can control the low-frequency sounds and frequency range of your favorite music.

Method 3 Volume Booster Apps and External Amplifiers

Utilize Volume Booster apps or connect external amplifiers to your speaker’s ports to amplify the audio signal further, providing a solution for louder and more dynamic sound frequencies.

Method 4 Utilizing Equalizer Apps for Enhanced Sound

Use equalizer apps to adjust sound frequencies, optimizing the bass sound and achieving a clearer sound. This software adjustment can significantly improve your music sound, finding the optimal placement or “sweet spot” in your space for the best sound experience.

Method 5 Position the Speaker to Maximize Effect

room containing speakers

To maximize the effectiveness of your speaker’s sound waves, make sure that it is not placed in a large room or open area. The smaller the room, the less space sound waves have to travel and dissipate. In a small space, you hold the sound waves hostage, by making them bounce off the walls, improving your listening experience.


Don’t place a speaker on a carpeted floor. Carpeting absorbs the sound waves and will dampen the audio quality and volume.

You also have to consider the proper placement of the speaker, and this includes if you’re pairing Bluetooth speakers. For example, putting your speaker on the wall or the floor will provide a boost in volume effect because this amplifies the bass frequencies and may give you the extra volume you need to enjoy your music. You can also use the bass boost if your audio settings allow it.

Method 6 Connect Another Speaker

If you are looking to cheat the system, you can try connecting to another compatible wireless speaker. First, make all devices discoverable, and then go to your device’s Bluetooth settings to check if this is possible. A pair of speakers will result in a louder sound and a better audio experience from your favorite music.

STAT: Placing a wireless speaker next to a wall can increase volume by over 25%. (source)


Enhancing the volume of your speakers for louder music involves not just adjusting the volume button but also ensuring your speaker volume is optimized by keeping it connected to a reliable power source. Finding the perfect spot in a smaller space can also amplify the sound effectively. If you can’t avoid putting the speaker in a larger space, make sure it’s optimally placed within the room. Integrating external speakers can also provide that extra boost for an immersive audio experience. By following these strategies, you can enjoy your music at its fullest, regardless of where you are or what speaker you use.

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How to Make a Bluetooth Speaker Louder

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