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Best Party Speakers

Updated: Feb 18, 2024 6:43 AM
best party speakers featured image that shows the top three speaker models

What are the features that make the best party speakers? With high levels of volume, high quality of sound, and easy connectivity, these are the best speakers to use for entertaining large and small gatherings alike. If you throw tons of parties, or you’re the go-to music person at all of your friends’ parties, then you can’t afford to miss out on these speakers.

The best party speakers also offer plenty of party-friendly features and functionalities. Look for extras like LED lights, a microphone, and guitar inputs, enhanced pairing capabilities, and long-lasting battery life. These leading Bluetooth speakers are also typically able to handle exposure to the outside elements. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy every aspect of the party, without having to worry about the speaker getting ruined because of a random splash of water or bump.

Read on if you want to learn all about the features you should consider for the best party speakers and how you can identify the right option for all of your party music needs.

Top Party Speakers

 #1  JBL PartyBox 710 Speaker


WHY WE LIKE IT: This hardy speaker is built to last even when rugged terrain. It has great longevity and is highly durable. You’ll love how multifunctional it is since you can use it for many activities. It also has smooth-turning wheels.

  • Can be used anywhere
  • Highly multifunctional model
  • Smooth-turning wheels
  • Some sound might be too weak

This is a multifunctional option that you can use for different purposes. While it’s great to use for parties, you can also enjoy it as your primary system for music in your home. It offers 800 watts of power so that it’s able to keep up with the demand for small to midsize gatherings. Unfortunately, it has been found that the bass in this model leaves something to be desired. For those who require a deep, rich bass, you might want to look elsewhere for your needs.

You’ll love the Original Pro Sound technology included in that model. This is a unique feature of this brand and will help produce fantastic audio. It also has dual 2.75-inch tweeters and 8-inch woofers to help create a superb range of sound. You’ll enjoy a tuned bass reflex port, so ensure that your bass is deep and accurate. The party lights included in this speaker allow you to feel like you’re in the middle of a nightclub, no matter where you are.

 #2  Sony SRS-XP500 X-Series Speaker


WHY WE LIKE IT: You’ll love how quickly this speaker will charge for you and how long it lasts on a full charge. It also offers powerful bass using x-balancing technology. Another nifty feature is the LED indirect illumination lighting.

  • Quick charging design
  • X-balanced bass
  • LED indirect illumination
  • Might be too small

This powerful speaker can get up to 20 hours of battery life. It also offers quick charging, so you don’t have to worry about having enough time to power it up before your party. This makes it a highly reliable option. However, depending on the size of your get-together, this speaker might be on the small side. It’s great for portability but might not offer enough power to fill a loud room.

The balanced bass is a great feature, and this model is an x-balanced option. It produces a powerful, deep bass using MEGA BASS technology, a feature unique to this brand. You won’t have to worry about longevity or durability with this option. It has an IPX4 splash-resistant design, so it can go anywhere that you do. That means that pool parties are on the table. The LED indirection illumination lighting is an excellent touch for visibility.

 #3  Dolphin SP-212RBT Speaker


WHY WE LIKE IT: The dual 12” subwoofers are an excellent way to ensure the bass levels are always great. This model also uses WaveSync technology, a unique feature of this brand. You’ll get plenty of usage out of this durable option.

  • Dual 12” subwoofers
  • WaveSync technology
  • Long lasting design
  • Might have some connectivity issues

This powerful speaker packs in 3,600 watts of power. You’ll love the powerful sound that it can produce because of this. It also has dual 12-inch subwoofers that enable it to emit accurate bass to your soundscape. It even has a pair of wheels so that you can travel with it easily. However, some consumers who have used this product report that they had a hard time connecting to it through Bluetooth. This might be a dealbreaker for some people.

There are plenty of unique features this speaker has to offer, such as WaveSync technology. It also has a high-capacity battery that will result in long-lasting music for your party. The battery has a 7,000 mAh battery that will keep going for hours. If necessary, you can also connect it to an outlet to keep it going indefinitely. You’ll love the ability to play MP3 files. This speaker can do so because it includes a USB port and SD card port.

 #4  PRORECK Combo Set Party Speaker


WHY WE LIKE IT: This easy-to-use model will ensure that you have a straightforward setup without much hassle. It’s also a multifunctional model used for parties, events, and more. This is a high-powered option.

  • Easy-to-use design
  • Multifunctional model
  • High-powered option
  • Might be too large

If you’re throwing a massive party with a long guest list, these speakers will be exactly the fit you need. They’re large enough to cater to crowds, even when things get super loud. This option comes with a stand for each speaker so that you can get sound angled directly at people instead of trying to work with it from ground level. However, you’ll want to keep in mind that this is a rather large model. If you have a small gathering or get-together, this will probably be a little more power than you need.

You’ll be able to connect to this option through multiple different methods since this system works using Bluetooth connectivity. This includes smart devices like tablets, PCs, TVs, and mobile phones. A live sound card and a mixer are included in both of these speakers. Beyond that, there is an integrated USB and SD card port so you can play music through either method. There is a remote control included, that lets you control your speakers from anywhere in the room.

 #5  Pyle PSUFM1280B Speaker


WHY WE LIKE IT: The multicolored LED lights used on this model make it a great way to add a little extra lighting to your gathering. They also provide a fun aesthetic. This model has an impressive bass response and full-range stereo sound.

  • Full-range stereo sound
  • Impressive bass response
  • Multi-colored LED lights
  • Some issues with remote control

If you want a flashy home stereo system that’ll be seen from anywhere in the room, this is an excellent choice to up the ante as far as the atmosphere goes. This set includes flashing lights to play music the same way that a DJ would. There are multi-color LED lights included both in a dome on the top and in the speaker itself. However, some consumers have reported that the included remote control might have some issues that you need to troubleshoot. The connectivity with the remote is not great.

You’ll love how convenient this option is for traveling. The speakers include a built-in carry handle, as well as wheels. This makes transporting them wherever they need to go far more manageable. Because of this, the set-up can happen in a snap. The rechargeable battery only increases the high level of convenience you’ll enjoy if you pick this pair of speakers. It also includes a wireless Bluetooth system to stream your music from almost any system.

 #6  TENMIYA Speaker


WHY WE LIKE IT: You’ll love how easy it is to connect to multiple devices using this speaker. It also has an advanced chip design, which means it’s much faster than other models. There’s a 3.5mm audio cord included.

  • Connects with multiple devices
  • Advanced chip design
  • Includes 3.5mm audio cord
  • Volume controls are weird

This option will provide great clarity compared to competing models in the same class. You’ll always be in for an ultimate audio experience. The dual tweeters and woofers grant the speaker system a punchy bass while maintaining beautiful high notes. Unfortunately, this volume is not controlled by the power dial, which most would assume. Instead, it’s in a menu setting that takes a little time to navigate, which could be a dealbreaker.

Long battery life makes this an excellent option for anybody who needs something that can go the extra mile. It has a built-in 8.000 mAh rechargeable lithium battery. You’ll be able to get ten hours of continuous usage off of a single full charge. This means that it’ll more than likely be able to stay alive for the entire duration of your party. When purchasing this model, you receive a remote control, user’s manual, type C charging cable, phone hold, wired microphone, and an AUX audio cable.

Beginner’s Guide to Party Speakers

What Are Party Speakers?

Party speakers are audio systems that you can use anywhere you want to throw a party. They offer loud volume, powerful surround sound system quality, and a variety of additional features made specifically for gatherings. These extra features included options like mic input, the ability to connect multiple portable party speakers, and LED lights. There is a wide variety of different party speakers from which to choose, depending on where you’re throwing your party and how loud you want it to be.

Party Speakers vs Traditional Speakers

So, what exactly sets party speakers apart from traditional speakers? Theoretically, you could use any speaker to play music at a party. Plus, party speakers look and function very similarly to traditional alternatives. They both connect wirelessly or directly to an audio source and use internal components like the voice coil, magnet, and cone to reproduce the music.

Party vs Traditional Speakers
FeatureParty SpeakersTraditional Speakers
VolumeMuch louder to compete with noise from crowds and gatherings.Generally designed for personal or home use, not as loud as party speakers.
PowerOffer more peak power and higher wattage for more volume.Lower wattage and power compared to party speakers.
DurabilityOften built with water resistance and dust resistance for outdoor use.May not have the same level of durability or resistance to elements.
PortabilityPortable designs often include a built-in battery for mobility.May not always be designed for easy transport.
Special FeaturesMay include party lights, microphone inputs, guitar inputs, etc.Typically lack special features found in party speakers.
Use CaseIdeal for large or small parties, indoor and outdoor events.Best suited for personal, home, or small space use.
Audio QualityDesigned to provide loud volume without compromising on audio quality.Focus on balanced sound quality, may not support extremely loud volumes.
Extra FeaturesAdditional features like LED lights, accessory inputs, enhanced pairing.Generally simpler, focusing on basic functionality.
Suitability for Open SpacesSpecifically designed to fill open or outdoor spaces with loud music.May not perform as well in open spaces due to lower volume capabilities.

Generally, though, party speakers are much louder than traditional speakers since they need to compete with the overall noise from crowds and gatherings. These audio systems need to perform well at both indoor and outdoor events, so they offer more peak power and higher wattage to create more volume.

You may also notice other subtle differences depending on the exact type of party speaker you purchase. For example, if you purchase an outdoor party speaker, you’ll get something with water resistance and dust resistance. If you opt for a portable party speaker, you’ll get a built-in battery and a more lightweight, portable design so you can take the party with you.

Other options include party lights, microphone inputs, and guitar inputs, which aren’t usually found on your typical household speaker.

How Party Speakers Work

Party speakers don’t stray from the beaten path when it comes to functionality. They operate the same way at their core as other speakers do. It’s commonly understood that vibrating objects create and emit sound waves that your ears can pick up and translate for your brain. To create these vibrations, party speakers need both a power source and an audio source.

The audio source sends an electrical audio signal to the speaker, which then changes the signal into sound waves using an internal component called a driver. Since party speakers need to be loud, their drivers utilize more power in the form of watts. This amplifies the entire process and produces loud sound waves.

Do You Really Need Party Speakers?

If you like loud music at the parties you throw, whether large or small, you can’t afford to go with any other type of speaker than a party speaker. These powerful speakers produce loud volume and excellent audio quality without breaking the bank. Plus, no matter where you’re throwing your party, you can find a speaker that’s up to the task, even in inclement weather.

Are Party Speakers Worth Buying?

  • You Throw Frequent Parties: If you like to throw a lot of parties, then you know just how important a good audio system can be. Loud music with excellent sound quality can make your party, but the opposite can break it. This is why purchasing the best party speakers is crucial for the person who hosts parties frequently. Make sure to know how to clean a Bluetooth speaker to ensure it lasts you a long time.
  • You Throw Parties in Open or Outdoor Spaces: Throwing a party outdoors is great for the extra space and for the lower risk of breaking household items. Unfortunately, it can be hard to achieve a good audio experience in an outdoor space. However, powerful party speakers are up to the task. If your parties commonly take place outside, a party speaker is the best choice for you.
  • You Want a Speaker with Loud, High-Quality Audio: Even if you don’t throw a lot of get-togethers, the extra volume and higher level of audio quality these speakers provide are well worth consideration. If you’ve ever wanted more volume or more audio quality, party speakers might be an excellent choice for you.

Why Party Speakers May Not Be For You

  • You Don’t Throw Any Parties: If you don’t throw any parties, there won’t be much need for you to purchase speakers specifically for those types of events. Instead, you’ll want to buy a speaker that fits your specific needs. For example, if you want to bring your favorite music with you on hikes or camping trips, then you should consider the best outdoor speakers.
  • You Don’t Need Any Extra Features: Many party speakers include a ton of extra features like LED lights, accessory inputs, and enhanced pairing capabilities. If you’re just looking for a simple speaker without all the bells and whistles, then you’ll want to consider something other than a party speaker.
  • You Only Play Music in Small Spaces: The best party speakers are meant to fill open spaces with loud music. However, if you only need to play music in small spaces, then you’ll want to consider a smaller option. This way, you’ll get an audio experience that gives you excellent sound quality without overpowering your ears. However, if you like to listen to music while you get clean, be sure to check out our guide on the best shower speaker.

How Long Will Party Speakers Last?

Party speakers are meant to be played loud for long periods. As such, they often use high-quality components that typically last longer overall. Audio experts at Sound & Communications state that you should expect to get anywhere between 10 and 25 years of lifespan out of any speaker you purchase.

Of course, the way you use and treat your speaker can have a direct impact on its lifespan. If you treat and maintain your party speaker properly, it will last you for many years to come. For example, you can extend your speaker’s lifespan by keeping it away from moisture unless it’s water-resistant.

In that case, if you want a speaker that’s waterproof and will bring the boom, then you’ll need to read our JBL PartyBox 710 review.

How to Choose Party Speakers

To find the best party speakers, you first need to consider how and where you plan to use them. Then, you can use that to inform your purchasing decision when it comes to durability, water resistance, volume levels, connectivity, hours of battery life, and extra features. Take some time to consider each of these features and how they relate to the parties you host or attend. The speakers you purchase should perform well in those environments and situations.

Best Party Speakers Factors to Consider

1. What kind of durability features should you consider for your party speakers?

Speakers for parties come in all shapes and sizes, with varying degrees of durability. Yes, more durable speakers will often cost more money, but they will last you much longer, especially if your parties tend to get boisterous. When it comes to durability, consider the following features:

Water and Dust Resistance

If you plan on using your speaker outdoors at all, even for the smallest amount of time, then you’ll need to consider purchasing an option that is both dust-resistant and water-resistant. Speakers that are water and dust resistant follow the Ingress Protection standard, also known as an IP rating.

Most manufacturers display any IP rating their speakers have on all product descriptions and marketing materials. You can identify the IP waterproof rating by looking for the letters “IP” followed by two numbers. The first number describes how protected the speaker is from dust ingress, while the second number describes how protected the speaker is from water ingress. Higher numbers equate to more protection.

Rugged Design Features

Because speakers for parties are meant to be carried around and used around large groups of people, they will often feature additional rugged design features that protect them from drops and bumps. This often comes in the form of extra-thick rubber lining around edges and corners.

The most rugged options will also come with drop-resistant components and housing, often commonly referred to as shock-resistant housing. Find a speaker for parties that matches your usage in terms of ruggedness, so you won’t have to worry about anyone accidentally ruining it.

2. How much volume and power should your party speakers offer?

The level of noise your speakers can produce directly depends on the amount of peak power they can deliver. For parties, the more power and volume you get, the better. Of course, this ultimately depends on the type of parties you throw. For enormous parties, you’ll want the loudest Bluetooth speaker you can get. For smaller, more intimate parties, purchasing something incredibly loud isn’t nearly as important.

It’s also worth noting that more volume doesn’t always mean better quality sound. Pushing your speaker too loud can cause a decrease in audio quality. You get what you pay for when it comes to a good audio experience. More expensive speakers use high-quality components capable of producing crisp sound quality. They may be a good option to learn how to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a phone or how to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a record player to get better audio quality.

3. Should you buy wired speakers or wireless speakers for your parties?

Party speakers can connect to audio sources in one of two ways: wired or wirelessly. This is an important distinction to make because it has a direct effect on how you use your speakers and whether you can take them with you. Let’s take a closer look.

  • Wired: These speakers are best for semi-permanent installations in your backyard or patio. If you frequently host parties in your backyard, installing wired speakers is an excellent option for you. However, ‌note that installation and maintenance can be difficult, and if you live in a particularly wet area, you’ll need to purchase more expensive, weather-resistant options.
  • Wireless: These speakers are often portable speakers with Bluetooth connectivity, and you can take them with you anywhere you go. If you’re often going to parties and not hosting them, then a wireless speaker is an excellent choice for you. However, a Bluetooth party speaker that’s loud enough is often much larger than other alternatives, which can make it harder to carry around.

4. What kind of party features do you need to consider for your party speakers?

Any speaker can be a party speaker with enough volume and audio quality. However, dedicated party speakers often give you additional features explicitly made to amplify the party experience.

If you’re looking for that amped up party experience, you may want to consider these extra features:

  • Wired microphone input for connecting mics that guests can use for speeches or singing.
  • Guitar input for connecting guitars or other instruments to play music.
  • Enhanced pairing capabilities allow you to connect multiple speakers together for a more comprehensive and louder audio experience.
  • Built-in karaoke mode where guests can sing along to their favorite tunes.
  • LED lights and different lighting modes for a more festive experience.
  • USB input for easier connectivity directly to an audio source.
  • Telescoping handle or extendable handle for easier portability.
  • Bass boost mode helps bass-heavy music to sound great.
  • Outdoor modes that can match the environment in which you’re partying.

5. How much battery life do you need for portable party speakers?

If you choose to purchase a portable Bluetooth speaker to take to your parties, you’ll also need to consider battery life. Your speaker needs to have a built-in rechargeable battery to be truly portable. This is nice because you won’t need a power outlet to use your speaker, but you will need to consider the overall battery life in your buying decision.

Your speaker’s battery life ultimately depends on the size of the battery. Smaller speakers are easier to carry around, but they have shorter battery life. Larger speakers give you bigger batteries and more hours of playback. If you’re planning to party throughout the night, purchasing an option with impressive battery life on a single charge is the best choice. Of course, if none of the options on our list meet your needs, learning to make your own Bluetooth speaker will make sure you get exactly what you are wanting from a speaker.

Best Party Speakers Questions (FAQ)

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