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Best Floor Standing Speakers

Updated: Nov 14, 2023 9:46 PM
best floor standing speakers featured image that shows the top three best speaker models

If you love listening to music or watching movies, the best floor-standing speaker can improve the sound quality and increase the volume. When researching speakers for this article, we looked at ones measuring at least 19 inches in height so the sound can travel in a room. During our research, we also looked at speakers with a variety of drivers to enhance different frequency ranges. In particular, all of the best floor-standing speakers below, feature a woofer driver and tweeter to intensify low and high notes.

From our selection of 7, we ranked Cerwin-Vega as the best floor-standing speaker. It offers three drivers to enhance all frequency ranges, and an extensive frequency range between 29 Hz and 26kHz offers incredible diversity for listening to music and watching movies. This speaker is also the loudest in the range, measuring a total of 300 wattages. Let’s take a look at some other top selections in this category. We have you covered when it comes to the best speakers.

Top 7 Best Floorstanding Speakers Compared

 #1  Cerwin-Vega SL-12 12″ 3-Way Floor Tower Speaker – Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: This Cerwin-Vega floor-standing speaker features a frequency range between 29 Hz and 26kHz and a sensitivity measurement of 91 dB to produce excellent sound quality. This speaker also features three drivers to produce high, middle, and low frequencies to make this unit a great choice for listening to a variety of music genres.

  • The frequency range between 29 Hz and 26kHz
  • Sensitivity measurement of 91dB
  • Features a 1” soft dome tweeter for crisp highs
  • The most expensive speaker on this list
  • Doesn’t feature Bluetooth connectivity
  • Heaviest on this list, making it difficult to move

This floor-standing speaker has a wattage of 300, so the unit can handle loud volumes. The speakers also boast a 1” soft dome tweeter to enhance high frequencies and a peak sensitivity of 91 dB. Cerwin-Vega also designed this speaker to feature an impedance of 8 ohms, to make it less power-hungry. This speaker also looks stylish, thanks to the solid construction on the cabinet, which supports the large 12” woofer.

You can customize your listening experience to create the perfect audio for watching movies or listening to music. The product also includes three powerful drivers, and a sturdy bass cabinet to support bass projection. Check out the Bowers & Wilkins 603 Tower Speaker as well, which has a 1″ dome tweeter, 6″ midrange driver, and two 6.5″ inch bass drivers to give your home theater or listening room a full, crisp sound. For something more intelligent, check out the best smart speaker.

 #2  Polk T50 Floorstanding Tower Speaker – Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: This Polk floor-standing speaker offers a frequency range between 38Hz and 24kHz. It also comes equipped with two performance sub-bass radiators, making it ideal for listening to low-frequency songs with lots of bass.

  • Only 7 inches wide, making it great for limited space
  • Features two sub-bass radiators for improved bass
  • Dynamic Balance technology reduces distortion
  • Not the widest frequency range compared to other speakers
  • Five-year warranty isn’t as long as some speakers on this list
  • Minimum 90dB sensitivity

This floor-standing speaker measures 36.25 x 7.75 x 8.75 inches, making it ideal for large rooms, although it isn’t too wide. The speaker offers 90dB, which may be the minimum requirement for this list, but Polk’s patented Dynamic Balance technology sends sounds soaring, particularly at low frequencies.

The MDF cabinet reduces resonance and distortion and the 1” tweeter delivers a wide response, making it ideal if you enjoy listening to live performances. Like those on the best internet radio. This product also looks stylish, thanks to the cabinets that house the drivers. It also features curved edges to help you fit it into tight spaces, and add overall elegance.  If you’re looking for something a bit more permanent, check out one of our best in-wall speakers. Polk Audio makes other great floor-standing speakers, such as the S55 Tower Speakers that produce a full-range sound to make your home theater sound even better.

 #3  Onkyo SKF-4800 Speaker – Best Value

WHY WE LIKE IT: Onkyo designed this speaker with a frequency range between 55Hz and 35kHz, and a 2.5cm soft dome tweeter to further assist with high frequencies. You’ll receive two Onkyo speakers for your purchase, making this purchase excellent value for money.

  • 2.5cm soft dome tweeter for high frequencies
  • Frequency range between 55 Hz and 35kHz
  • Receive two speakers for your money
  • Bulky cabinet design
  • Lowest frequency range on this list
  • 130 wattage is one of the lowest on this list

The Onkyo SKF is one of the best value speakers on the market right now, as you receive two for your money. This is ideal for watching movies and placing them beside your TV. It features a powerful 2.5cm soft dome tweeter for improved sound dispersion and an impedance of 60ohms, which is the average rating for a floor-standing speaker. That said, it won’t make the greatest boat speaker, considering it needs floor space.

This floor-standing speaker features a two-way bass-reflex to reinforce the bass output by adding more punch. To prevent any vibrations, this product is kitted with an MDF stabilizer and a woofer equalizer to enhance frequencies above 30Hz. This speaker comes with a semi-gloss finish, which is great for hiding dust and fingerprints, and large footprints to protect your carpets. Another option for speakers that you can purchase as a pair is the ELAC Debut 2.0 B6.2 Bookshelf Speakers. The whole ELAC Debut series, which features more than just great bookshelf speakers, is an impressive line of powerful speakers ready to make your living space or home theater sound even better.

 #4  Yamaha NS-F150 Floorstanding Speaker – Best for Playing Music Loud

WHY WE LIKE IT: This Yamama floorstanding speaker features a frequency range between 37Hz and 30kHz, and comes with a soft dome tweeter. The speaker offers a 180 wattage, making it ideal for loud and powerful, without any distortions.

  • 180 wattage, so it can handle loud music
  • 3cm soft dome tweeter to support high-frequency tones
  • Stunning black mirror finish
  • The largest speakers on this list, which isn’t ideal for limited space
  • Speakers are lightweight considering the high voltage, so can rattle slightly at high volumes
  • 88dB sensitivity is the lowest on this list

This speaker is designed to reproduce HD movies and music, thanks to the two-way and three-way speaker to add a rich bass and intensify all frequencies. It also features 6 ohms, so you won’t require a high-powered output to produce the sound. The speaker offers a bass-reflex feature, so it’s designed with holes to increase the bass efficiency and prevent any sound from getting lost at the back of the speaker. That said, this speaker is too heavy to be portable.

The speaker boasts 180 wattages, making it one of the loudest on this list to intensify movies. It’s also equipped with gold-plated speaker terminals to maximize signal transmission efficiency. With a 3cm soft-dome tweeter, this can improve high-frequency ranges. The speakers also boast a black mirror finish for a luxurious appearance. If you’re looking for an impressive floor-standing speaker with captivating surround sound for your next movie night in your home theater, check out the Bowers & Wilkins 704 S2.

 #5  Sony SSCS3 3-Way Speaker – Best for Crisp-Clear Sound

WHY WE LIKE IT: This Sony floor-standing speaker features a 145 wattage and frequency range between 45 and 50 kHz. It features a Mica Reinforced Cellular fiber woofers, so you can play the bass harder without the audio quality diminishing, making it great for watching action-packed movies.

  • Up to 50 kHz is the highest frequency on this list
  • 3cm soft dome tweeter to support high-frequency tones
  • 145 wattage to play loud music
  • Not confident at low frequency tones
  • Feet aren’t cushioned, so can scratch floors
  • Not suitable for small rooms

Sony designed this floor standing speaker with a 0.98” soft dome main tweeter to create a clear, authentic sound at high frequencies. It has a 5.12” woofer to improve deep bass, to produce a powerful sound when listening to hip-hop music. This woofer also improves fine details to produce clear vocals in all frequency ranges.

This floor-standing speaker is designed to improve the sound quality, too. The tapered faceplate edges suppress the sound and prevent any vibrations when you play your music loud. It’s also the lightest speaker on the list, weighing 10 lbs, which is ideal for lifting the speaker upstairs or easily moving around your home.

 #6  Pioneer SP-FS52 Floorstanding Speaker – Best for Versatility

WHY WE LIKE IT: This Pioneer floor-standing speaker features an 8-component, high-quality crossover to effortlessly transition between different frequencies and measure 130 watts. Its frequency ranges from 40Hz to 20kHz and uses three 5-¼-inch woofers, which makes it incredible for powerful, rich bass.

  • Features three 5-¼-inch woofers
  • Crossover system improves audio quality
  • Frequency ranges from 40Hz to 20kHz
  • Sound only travels in one direction, because of the curved cabinets
  • Only reaches 20kHz
  • Not as luxurious as others on this list

Pioneer designed this speaker for listening to music, playing games, and watching movies. The wide frequency range makes an 8 Element Complex Crossover means that every frequency is treated with the same level of care and attention. Its high wattage also enables you to play audio at full volume without the speaker becoming distorted. Also, the one-inch soft dome tweeter improves high-frequency ranges, even when played at high volumes, too.

This floor-standing speaker is built with curved cabinets to reduce any internal standing waves, so all sound is projected forward. These curves also enable you to position the speakers to face toward the main listening position, so the sound is directed in one direction. If you want something slimmer and more hidden, check out the best soundbar.

 #7  Dayton Audio T652 Floorstanding Speaker – Best for Small Space

WHY WE LIKE IT: This Dayton Audio floor-standing speaker provides a low bass of 45Hz and features a ⅝” polycarbonate dome tweeter to support higher frequencies. For an exceptional price, you receive two speakers, making them suitable for watching movies.

  • Features polycarbonate dome tweeter
  • Frequency range between 45 Hz and 20 kHz
  • Lightweight for both speakers
  • Second shortest speaker on this list
  • No feet to protect flooring
  • Frequency range isn’t as diverse as others on this list

Dayton Audio produced these speakers with a frequency range between 45 Hz and 20 kHz and an impedance of 6 ohms. Combined, they weigh less than 30 pounds, which is ideal for trekking upstairs. With a combination of two speakers, you can increase the sound and direct sound waves throughout the room, so everyone can experience the audio quality. Also, check out the best wireless speakers to compare.

These speakers are elegantly and practically designed. The vinyl black finish adds an essence of luxury to your home, while the non-marking rubber feet protect your floors when playing audio.

How We Decided

To select the best floor-standing speakers, we focused on the frequency response, which is the range of tones a speaker plays. This is measured in Herz (Hz), and a typical floor-standing speaker offers 40-20kHz, so we looked for units within this range. A low-frequency floor doesn’t require a subwoofer, since the speaker can project low tones without any aid.

We also looked at sensitivity, as this is how effectively a speaker can create amplification to sound. Floorstanding speakers with a high sensitive rating can produce high volumes without any distortion, thus improving the sound quality and durability. We opted for speakers measuring 90bB or more.

Impedance is another critical factor when choosing the best floor-standing speakers. This refers to the resistance a speaker puts on the current supplied by an amplifier. This is measured in ohms, with the average floor-standing speaker ranging between 4 and 16. The lower the impedance, the more current that can flow through the speaker. If the impedance is high, you’ll require a more powerful amp to not resist the power.

Product Category Buying Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Room Size
    Consider the room size before you purchase floor-standing speakers. Estimate the size of your room, and research the dimensions of the floor-standing speakers you’re interested in. For rooms measuring 1,500 ft or below, look for speakers measuring 6 x 8 x 30 inches or below. For rooms 1,500-3,000 ft, opt for floor-standing speakers around 9 x 12 x 36 inches, as they’ll feature larger speakers and can transfer the music through a large room. For rooms over 3,000 ft, you’ll require the largest floor-standing speakers, so everyone can hear the music playing. Opt for speakers measuring 12 x 11 x 40 inches.
  2. Connectivity
    To increase the volume, you can connect two or more speakers. If this is something you’re looking for, check the brand offers this feature. You may also with the floor-standing speaker to offer Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can adjust the volume and tracks via your smartphone. You can even connect them to the best mini projector.
  3. Wattage
    The speaker’s output is measured in watts, and this measurement indicates the maximum sound signal the speaker can produce. If you’re looking for a loudspeaker, opt for high wattage. For most people, 50 watts is enough, though if you wish to use the speakers for parties, look for a wattage above 50 for double the volume.

Best Floor Standing Speakers Questions (FAQ)

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