Where is the Speaker on an iPhone?

Updated: Feb 15, 2024 4:23 AM


Knowing where your speakers are is a critical part of understanding how to diagnose problems. Having the best speakers possible is essential to keeping your phone at max value. So, for the Apple users out here, if your iPhone sound isn’t working, we will explain where the speakers on an iPhone are and how you can keep them in peak condition.

Key Takeaways_

  • iPhones have two speaker holes, one on the top front of the device and one on the bottom.
  • The top Speaker is used for both phone and stereo sound, while the bottom is for stereo sound only.
  • The speakers are controlled by various switches and can be further configured in the device’s sound settings.

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Where Are Speakers on an iPhone?

The iPhone traditionally has two areas for speakers: on the bottom edge of the device and the upper part of the face of the phone.

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The bottom Speaker is used for music and audio generation, while the top is a single speaker used both for playing stereo audio and phone audio. Many find iPhone speakers have a soft volume and require more for stereo speaker listening, so it can be helpful to know how to play music on two Bluetooth speakers.

Speaker Controls

Now that you know where the speakers are and what they do, it’s essential to understand the speaker controls so you know how to configure them to meet your preferences.

The master volume buttons are on the upper left-hand corner of the phone. The one on top is the volume up button, and below it is the volume down button. The volume control buttons adjust everything from the ringer volume to the sound from a connected external speaker.


If you leave your speakers covered in dust or debris, they will wear out faster. To keep them in prime audio quality, clean them regularly.

Above the volume control is a small switch; this is the speaker button. This switch sets the phone on and off silent mode. When the switch is up, that means that silent mode is off, and the sounds & haptics (vibration alerts). When the switch is down, this puts the phone in silent mode. So if you’re looking to save battery life, make sure to keep your iPhone on silent mode.

STAT: A common misconception about the iPhone speakers is that there are two on the bottom, one on either side. There is only one single Speaker on the bottom, and the other is a microphone. (source)

Lastly, you can enter your device’s control center to customize your device, ringer volume, audio balance settings, and haptics configurations. Go into the settings, click on the “Sounds & Haptics” option, and play around with the various options provided.

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