Playing Music on Multiple Bluetooth Speakers – Using 2 Speakers

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Updated March 16, 2023

If you are new to the world of home audio, you may wonder how to play music on two Bluetooth speakers. Even the best speakers, after all, can benefit from the loudness and stereo width provided by using a pair. So is this process complicated, and what do you need to get it done? Keep reading to find out.


  • Luckily, modern Bluetooth speakers can play simultaneously via one connection, creating a stereo pair and allowing for increased volume, dual audio, and better stereo reproduction for more immersive sound.
  • This process may differ slightly depending on your smart speaker and audio device but starts on the settings page of your device.
  • Some audio devices feature a dedicated multi-speaker or party mode, so if available, engage this mode on compatible devices for additional speakers.

How to Connect 2 Bluetooth Speakers at the Same Time

The benefits here are obvious, as this is a relatively straightforward answer to the question of “how to make a Bluetooth speaker louder.” Connecting two speakers at the same time also improves your stereo field, though, you will have to look out for sound latency and the pairing process does necessitate some basic knowledge about speakers and wireless technology. In other words, if you are still asking “what is a speaker,” you should probably skip this one.

Insider Tip

If you are having trouble with this, consult the instructions that accompanied the speakers and your audio device.

STEP 1 Gather Your Tools

  1. This process obviously requires two Bluetooth speakers, and it is best, though not necessary, if they are matching models.
  2. Make sure the speakers have built-in audio cable ports and support for third-party apps.

STEP 2 Turn on Bluetooth

  1. Head to your audio playback device, be it a smartphone, tablet, or smart stereo system, and turn on Bluetooth. Wait for a few minutes for it to cycle through.
  2. Bluetooth settings are generally found in the settings tab for both iPhones and Android devices.
  3. Next, power on both speakers and, again, wait for a few minutes to ensure they become available to your phone or tablet. This is the same process even if you are reviewing the Logitech z623 vs z625.

STEP 3 Connect the Speakers

  1. Head into the settings tab again and access the Bluetooth settings.
  2. Look for both speakers to show in the list of available devices.
  3. Connect on each speaker, applying a solid Bluetooth connection.
  4. In some cases, connections may require a passcode that is sent to your phone, tablet, or related device.

STAT: Dual audio allows you to send your media audio to two different Bluetooth devices at once. This means that not only can you use two pairs of headphones at one time, but you can share between two different sets of Bluetooth speakers as well. (source)

STEP 4 Enable Multi-Speaker Mode

  1. For some audio output devices, the above steps will be enough to get started, as they will automatically split the signal to both Bluetooth speakers.
  2. For other speakers and devices, you may have to head into the Bluetooth settings and enable multi-speaker mode.
  3. Connect to this mode and don’t forget to adjust the volume of each individual speaker so they match. This precise volume control should also be accessible via Bluetooth settings.


Can you connect multiple speakers to one device?

Yes, in many cases you can certainly do this. Many devices allow for multiple Bluetooth connections at once, including Amazon Echo and related mobile devices, though you’ll have to learn how to connect the speakers to a receiver.

Why can’t my iPhone do this?

Some older iPhones cannot achieve this task, but there are third-party options in the form of Bose Connect, Google Home, and more. Learn where the speaker is on your iPhone before attempting any adjustments.

What if I have a weak Bluetooth signal?

Connecting to compatible devices to achieve dual audio will be difficult if you have a weak signal, so move your smart speaker within range of your audio device, smartphone, tablet, or related accessory featuring Bose Connect or Google Home. Learn how to clean an iPhone speaker for an increased range, especially after you locate the speaker on your iPhone.

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