What Is a Soundbar?

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Updated June 27, 2022

If you have realized that your TV’s factory speakers aren’t providing the exemplary audio quality you require for watching your favorite movies, consider a soundbar. But if you aren’t sure what is a soundbar and why they’re some of the best speakers on the market, read on, and we’ll help you decide if one is right for you. In a similar vein, you also can check out our article covering what a subwoofer is.


  • The soundbar is a modern solution to home audio that is affordable and doesn’t take up too much space.
  • A smart soundbar comes with voice functionality, can connect to WiFi, and often provides the option to connect to additional speakers.
  • Affordable soundbars can be purchased for under $100 and, depending on size, functionality, and performance, more expensive options can cost thousands.

Soundbars Explained

A great soundbar is one of the newer additions to the speaker market. However, as far as sound quality goes, it’s a step below true surround sound systems and, depending on the quality, a significant step up from a TV’s built-in speakers.

Essentially, it’s a set of internal speakers packaged into one long strip. This strip isn’t too heavy and can fit right on your TV stand. The manageable size, sound quality, and range of smart features make them attractive options for consumers.

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Many audio buffs like to purchase an extra wireless subwoofer to accompany their soundbars.

Furthermore, with a growing range of wireless options, soundbars appeal to younger generations interested in cutting down on the amount of clutter and wires they have running about their living space. For further reading on speaker tech, we have a great article that explains what gauge wire to use for speakers.

How to Choose the Right Soundbar

Choosing the right product greatly depends on your viewing and listening habits, as with most tech purchases. For example, suppose you are a fan of movies with big, thunderous cinematic sound sequences. In that case, prioritizing a soundbar with a superior audio experience that offers Dolby Atmos or the ability to connect to a separate subwoofer will be the right move.

But if you want to take advantage of the modern capabilities of this technology, finding one with a great voice remote control, wireless connectivity, and support for various audio technologies will be right for you.

Where to Put a Soundbar

Placing a soundbar is relatively easy. Usually, owners place them right underneath their TV for the best sound experience. But it’s also easy to get creative, as soundbars are simple to move. Find out more with our content explaining what a soundbar does.


Some soundbar manufacturers will market their products as being just as good or better than surround-sound experiences. However, most experts will say that soundbars, while often good in terms of sound quality, still can’t match the high-quality sound of a great external speaker system.


What size soundbar should you get?

Choosing the size for the soundbar depends on your space constraints and the level of detailed sound you desire. Many consumers like to purchase a soundbar that matches the width of their TV, but this is not necessary. In fact, compare soundbars, like the Sonos Arc vs Bose 700 to see which one works best.

Can you add speakers to a soundbar?

Many soundbars allow the option to connect to separate speakers, such as an external subwoofer. But you must make sure this is the case before purchasing.

How much do soundbars usually cost?

The most affordable soundbars can cost under $100. The average price will be closer to $150-$500, but the most expensive options can cost thousands.

STAT: The typical soundbar comes with anywhere from two to five internal speakers. (source)

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