Why Does My Soundbar Keep Turning Off?

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Updated September 29, 2022

If you have premium speakers for your cinema setup, figuring out how to keep a soundbar from turning off can get frustrating. Whether you have a simple set-top box or an advanced setup with a top-tier soundbar, common sound quality issues are bound to occur from time to time. Luckily, you can investigate, “Why does my soundbar keep turning off?” in a few simple steps. Stick around to see how to fix potential issues with your spotty soundbar.


  • Check your soundbar’s power consumption settings to ensure that the auto-standby mode isn’t active.
  • Ensure that your volume setting isn’t too low because some soundbars shut off when they do not detect an input signal.
  • Ensure your soundbar has the latest firmware updates and that the power cord is firmly plugged into the wall outlet.

Why Does My Soundbar Turn Off By Itself?

A soundbar, or sound bar, is a loudspeaker that you can place under a TV or mount to the wall. While these devices are usually simple, potential issues can stop a movie night in its tracks. Before you look for a product repair guide, check out these simple troubleshooting tips below to fix your soundbar’s power issues.

But once you’re done here, if your audio output is still inconsistent, but your power source is secure, see our guide on why your soundbar keeps cutting out. Your audio signal can cut out due to interference or bad sound settings, but you can learn how to make your sound louder. If the maximum sound level isn’t enough, then you’ll need a good set of boat speakers with enough volume to cut through outdoor noise.

Insider Tip

You can fix some audio issues from your soundbar by resetting the unit with the power button.

Power-Saving Settings

Some soundbars feature power-saving settings that automatically disable the unit if no signal is present. Most soundbar power-saving features kick in after about 10-15 minutes, but you can disable them in the settings menu of your connected device. That said, some models do not allow you to adjust the eco-power settings.

Low Sound Level

If your input signal volume level is too low, your soundbar might not register it. Your soundbar can shut off without an active signal input from your TV or set-top box to conserve power. Set your input volume to maximum levels, and adjust the volume with the soundbar.

Bad Power Cable Connection

Without consistent power, your soundbar will cut on and off. Ensure that the power cord is securely plugged into the unit and the wall outlet or USB port to prevent a spotty connection.


Do connect your soundbar to a power socket if you notice signs of damage on the power cable.

Loose Optical Cable

If you use a wired audio connection, check the conditions of your optical cable. A worn or loose optical cable will only deliver a fraction of the input signal, causing your soundbar to power off or lose audio occasionally. Replace the cable if you notice any wear.

Outdated Software

If your soundbar is a few years old, you may need a firmware update to fix software issues or bugs. Go to your soundbar manufacturer’s website and see if you have the latest firmware. If not, follow their guide to fix the firmware issue.

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Why Does My Soundbar Keep Turning Off FAQs

How do I clean a fabric sound bar?

Dust will collect on your device over time, impacting your volume level and sound quality. Experts recommend using a lint roller to clean dust from the fabric on your sound bar. You can also use a vacuum, but you should use a portable model or wand attachment to avoid scuffing the unit.

How do I reset my LG soundbar?

You can reset your LG soundbar by holding the volume down button on the unit alongside the sound effects button on the soundbar remote control. If that doesn’t work, unplug the soundbar from the power outlet and plug it back in after a few minutes.

Can Wi-Fi cause signal issues with my sound bar?

Bluetooth interference is a notorious issue among wireless soundbar owners. If your soundbar sits near a Wi-Fi router or other Bluetooth-connected devices, the audio signal from your TV can start cutting from time to time. Move your router or switch to a wired optical connection to mitigate your sound bar issues.
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