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How to Hide Soundbar Wires

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Updated August 16, 2022

If you are new to the world of enhanced TV audio, you may want to learn how to hide soundbar wires. Some of the best speakers, after all, are premium soundbars, and copious wires often accompany them. So why hide soundbar wires, and what are the various methods to get it done? Keep reading to find out.


  • Soundbars, TVs, cable boxes, and gaming consoles all contribute to your home’s clutter, thanks to numerous wires and cables.
  • There are many ways to hide these wires from plain sight, which is something called power cable management.
  • Use a combination of zip ties, small removable hooks, creative item placement, cable management boxes, and cable channels or cable raceways.

Why Hide Soundbar Wires?

Once you have learned how to place a soundbar, you will look to hide the wires. Why? It is all about the reduction of clutter, which is something that comes in handy after learning how to connect a subwoofer to a soundbar. Wires and cables are unattractive if you are going for a wireless setup, even if you have learned how to control a soundbar with a TV remote.

Insider Tip

You can eliminate most wires by opting for a Bluetooth soundbar or another wireless device.

Below are various methods to hide soundbar wires, even if you have already learned how to sync a soundbar with a TV.

How to Hide Wires from the Soundbar to the TV

There are various methods of cable management when it comes to soundbars and televisions. Here are several options.

Zip Ties and Small Hooks

Using a combination of zip ties and small hooks is a great way to hide not only soundbar wires but any cables affiliated with the TV, including gaming consoles and stereo components. The zip ties are self-explanatory, as you just bundle up a bunch of wires in one, tie it, and move on. The small hooks are actually removable, so you don’t have to cause any permanent damage to your furniture, wall, or various items. These two are typically available in a cable management pack.

Cable Channels

Cable channels, also called cable raceways, are a great way to declutter any cables associated with a soundbar. As the names suggest, these accessories direct cables through a particular channel, bundling them together in the process. You can place them anywhere, and they work great as an add-on to another cable management solution.

Creative Decor

You can always route the cables behind and around a number of creative decor items, such as large photographs, vases, shelving units, and the like. You can’t notice what you can’t see, after all, so this acts as a good stopgap method to manage cables. Get creative with it and try different things until you find a setup that you appreciate.

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Hiding Soundbar Wires FAQs

How do I hide soundbar wires behind the wall?

Avoid cutting into the wall for soundbar wires, as this causes permanent damage. Instead, hide the power cord in a nylon cable puller as a simple solution.

How do I arrange the cords behind my TV?

There are many options to hide the power cord, AV wires, unhidden wires, and other types of cables, including a sticky adhesive, a cable management sleeve, or some other removable option.

How to hide Sonos Arc cables in the wall?

You can get a dedicated cable management box, which also houses wall power devices, or work on a unique solution using your design skills or a standard adhesive. Don’t cut into the wall unless absolutely necessary.
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