FlipShare TV Wirelessly Beams Flip Movies To Your TV

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FlipShare TV
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2 Comments to FlipShare TV Wirelessly Beams Flip Movies To Your TV

  1. alterseekers

    Here's another awesome way to stream those HD videos from your laptop/computer on to your HDTV. If you're looking for an alternative though, I suggest trying out the Netgear Push2TV product. This device makes use of the HDMI port on the HDTV and acts as a wireless adapter, displaying what you see on your laptop/computer on to your HDTV. So instead of connecting the laptop/computer via an HDMI cable, the Netgear Push2TV takes its place, and wirelessly streams the contents of your laptop/computer even if they're in separate rooms in the house. To know more about Netgear's Push2TV product, just check it out here, http://bit.ly/bByST7. I'm sure you'll love it too.

  2. Folks should understand this isn’t just about watching YOUR videos on YOUR TV. It isn’t just about watching Flip video at all.

    With FlipShare 5.0, you can import video and photos from other sources — media not taken with your Flip. So, now you have a library of photos and videos organized by category and by channel.

    You can watch anything in that library on your TV. But you can share a channel with friends or family members, by sharing a key to the channel, and THEY can watch YOUR channel. You decide who sees what.

    Why is the idea of a WiFi-enabled Flip so interesting? Because then you could provide a live video feed to your channel. In a word, telepresence. Consumer video teleconferencing for a pittance.

    Remember that Cisco is a networking company, heavily invested in video teleconferencing. Remember that they just bought Tandberg — also focused on teleconferencing. Do you think Cisco bought Flip to compete with iPod Nano?

    I have lots of articles on my site (http://flipinfocus.com) about FlipShare TV and FlipShare 5.0. Just search for ‘FlipShare TV’.

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