Sharpal 101N Survival Tool Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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You have to give the Sharpal 101N Survival Tool a lot of credit, because even though it’s a tool designed to sharpen knives, it’s included on our list of best survival knives. That’s because if you have any kind of survival knife, this should also be in your survival kit. If you want more options, you’ll find more survival knives with our list.

Why We Like It – Sharpal 101N Survival Tool Review

The Sharpal 101N Survival Tool is a fabulous addition to any wilderness pack or tool box so that you never get stuck with a dull blade. For its size, this knife sharpener survival tool is able to pack a lot of utility into a small, lightweight package.

  • Compact, pocketable design
  • Three different knife sharpening options
  • Fire starter and emergency whistle
  • Ferro rod can be awkward


No matter what type of survival knife you carry — Ka Bar Full Size U S Marine Corps Fighting Knife, Gerber LMF II, Morakniv Bushcraft — you’ll be able to keep a sharp edge with the Sharpal Survival Tool. With four different sharpening tools, you have the versatility of getting the proper sharpening angle for your blade and set a quick edge when necessary.

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The Sharpal is the best pocket knife sharpener you can buy because of its design. In addition to four different sharpening options, Sharpal was able to incorporate a ferro rod fire starter and a high pitched whistle. Perfect for setting a campers fire or emergency use.

The real stars of the tool’s design are the sharpeners. It has a fine honing sharpener for ceramic blades, quick edge setting for tungsten carbide blades, and a tapered diamond rod for sharpening serrations and hut hooks. The ability for quick edge setting is key, including edge setting ceramic blades. The diamond coated rod is designed perfectly for most any pocket knife, especially when it has a serrated edge. The tapered diamond rod design is quite versatile. A lanyard hole adds convenience to carry.

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With a ton of positive customer reviews and a sub-$10 price point, value is an understatement here. It’s small enough to fit in a pocket, but with so much functionality that it plays more like the sound its very own emergency whistle makes. Don’t put too much thought into this one.

Sharpal 101N Survival Tool Review Wrap Up

As someone who clearly appreciates preparedness, the Sharpal Survival Tool should be a part of your pack when you head into the wilderness. No, it’s not your workshop sharpener, but in the great outdoors this will save you from having a dull time.

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