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Find out about innovations introduced in Volvo cars by checking out Volvo Reviews on our site; recent firsts by Volvo include auto brake at intersection technology, protection against run-off road accidents, enhanced subwoofer technologies for car audio, and cyclist detection sensors. For the latest information on Volvo cars and in-depth reviews on the best-selling Volvo models, look no further than the pages of Gadget Review. The Swedish automobile company, established in 1927, is known for introducing cars with advanced safety features and with consideration for the environment.

Volvos include models across sedans, coupes, and convertibles; compare models on Gadget Review for design, materials used, fuel efficiency, trim levels, costs, transmission, space, etc. Volvo has a strong presence in the field of flexible-fuel vehicles. These include the Volvo ReCharge, a concept car that promises a journey of 62 miles with its onboard batteries; and the Volvo ECC, a gas turbine hybrid.