Okc Air Force Survival Knife Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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This OJC knife has been standard issue in the Air Force and Army for decades, and it should be standard issue in your wilderness pack as well. It definitely competes with the best survival knives out there. The OKC survival knife is the perfect addition to your top survival gear, and here’s why.

Why We Like It – Okc Air Force Survival Knife Review

Proven for generations, the Ontario Knife Company Air Force Survival Knife is the real deal for survival and wilderness situations. It’s strong and well made with high quality materials, so it’s built to last for as long as you need it to.

  • High quality materials and sturdy design
  • Iconic fixed blade survival knife look
  • Will last forever
  • May not be great for precision


The toughness of this knife is the key to its great performance. Yeah, it’s razor sharp, but if you need to use it for leverage or to hammer something, you can rest assured that the OKC Survival Knife will take care of business. The holster is convenient and has easy access placement for a sharpener so you won’t get caught dull-handed.


The OKC Air Force Knife is built exactly as you’d expect a fixed blade, full tang knife that’s standard issue by the United States Air Force to be. You may confuse it with another fixed blade knife used in the Marines, the Ka Bar Full Size U S Marine Corps Fighting Knife.

The knife blade material is carbon steel and has a clip point blade shape. It has a sawback blade on the top edge, giving the knife even more versatility. The handle material is natural leather. A natural leather handle is great for grip and durable. The knife comes with a leather sheath to match the leather handle, and it includes a pocket for a convenient sharpening stone to keep your blade sharp at all times.


Usually, you have to pay more to get a knife like this one. While it’s not the cheapest fixed blade knife available (the Morakniv Bushcraft is less, and the Gerber LMF II is similarly priced), it will likely outlive others in its price range and lower. It’s definitely worth it for the size and quality you’re getting

Okc Air Force Survival Knife Review Wrap Up

This OKC Knife is the kind of knife your grandfather would hand down to you. It’s strong, well made, and great for wilderness use. Trusted by the Air Force and Army, you can bet that you can trust it to get the job done too.

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