WowWee Light Strike Review

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11 Comments to WowWee Light Strike Review

  1. I just got them for my kids as well and his assesment is right on. My kids love it and I do also wish there was a score keeping system.
    I do reccomend these for the price and they really are fun!


  2. Killerintraining

    Just got vest human assault striker scope and rapid fire, which does stack with the scopes fire modes leaving me with 4 fire modes in stead of just one for the RF or 3for the scope.

  3. Does the vest help keep score? We are buying these for our 3 sons, plus their friend is getting one, so keeping the game honest is going to be a challenge and could lead to major arguments! Thanks!!

    • From what I understand, no – the vest doesn’t keep score (although they might have updated them to do so. When I was testing you had to rely on the honor system

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