Capable of mounting directly to your handlebars or fastening to your belt loop this waterproof speaker case by Sanwa may be a nice choice for those of you who like to ride your bike in the rain.  If you happen to live and ride in Portland Oregon, it could be essential.

I prefer riding with earphones, but for those who want to be able to hear the 18-Wheeler coming from behind them, this is a great alternative.  Your MP3 player fits inside the case and the volume controls are on the outside.  I used to have a SkullCandy backpack that had speakers mounted in the shoulder straps that sounded pretty good, but I question how good this thing sounds.

I mean part of the fun of listening to music was so you didn’t have to hear street noise as you rode, right?  It could be cool off the bike in places like the beach or pool, though.  On sale now for $44.

[via CoolestGadgets]


Jeff B