Our Portable Phone Charger Buying Guide has all of the answers when it comes to phone chargers. No one has time to wait around while their smartphone charges (unless it’s while they sleep).

The people at Zap&Go understood this problem and creates a 5 minute charger! As the first supercapacitor-based charger, you can easily have a fully juiced smartphone in no time, which is especially helpful when you’re traveling and don’t have time to sit and wait around.

Bigger Smartphones + Bigger Batteries = Longer Recharge Time


As phones get bigger (think iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy), so do the batteries…and this means longer battery recharging times. That’s cool if you’re juicing your phone overnight or are at work all day, but not so cool when your’e out and about and need to charge your phone in a hurry. The lithium-based batteries inside charge slowly so it can take up to 4 hours to get a full thing of charge. And although external charges exist, they still need to be charged themselves and do tend to take a while to load up your phone with charge. If you don’t charge the external chargers, you’re out of luck.

Supercapacitors Charge Quickly


They actually can take in enough energy to fully recharge an iPhone in practically seconds. But before the Zap&Go, it hadn’t been done before since existing supercapacitors are made from double wound aluminum foils and one needed to charge an iPhone battery would be to bulky and heavy to carry around as a phone charger. Zap&Go replaces the aluminum with a new advanced carbon material called grapheme, allowing the device to be small and light.

Can Charge Anything

The Zap&Go charger can charge a phone or tablet that features a standard 5v USB and includes devices from all of the major manufacturers like Apple, Amazon, HP, LG, Nokia, Sony, Samsung and more. It’s available with all international power plugs and you just plug into a power socket to illuminate its lights as it takes in 1,500mAh of charge into the grapheme supercapacitor, which is enough to charge an iPhone 5 from flat to 100%, an iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy 5 to 75%, or an iPad Air to 50%. Then when it’s fully charged it will sound off a confirmation sound and you can either unplug it, which will still charger your device normally, or leave it plugged in at the Zap&Go 5 charger will act as a universal phone or tablet adaptor.

The Indiegogo campaign is looking for funding with $99 getting you faster charging times with the Zap&Go charger

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  1. Generally, if you charge faster than 2 times the capacity, you’ll shorten the battery life.. Especially important to the apple users who cant simply replace the battery. The 6+ with a 1.8 AH battery – half hour or 3.6A

    anything less than a half hour is killing your battery.. It doesnt take a whole lot of math..

    Charge it way to fast, and it will burn.

    1. it doesn’t charge the phone that fast, just the capacitor charges very quickly around 5 minutes then you charge your phone like normal, its for people who are on the go like at airports and can’t sit at a wall charging their phone. so if their phones dead, they take 5 minutes to charge the zap and go and then can use the zap and go (without an outlet) to charge the phone while their on a plane or wherever without needing to plug into a wall for more than 5 minutes

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