Sikaye RC Robot Toy Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re looking for the best rc toys for your 6 to 8 year old grandson, the Sikaye remote control robot is an excellent choice. This intelligent programmable robot features gesture sensing control and great customer reviews in the United States. Most kids love remote controller toys dancing singing toy robots. This RC Robot made our best robot toys for kids list because of its educational nature.

Why We Like It – Sikaye RC Robot Toy

The Sikaye RC Robot Toy is a kids intelligent programmable robot that comes that’s remote controlled and comes with gesture sensing. This smart robot is perfect for a 6-year old, all the way up to kids who are 8 years old to learn coding. Would you want to gift your kids a personal prank robot? Click the Really rad robot toy review.

  • Gesture control
  • Remote control
  • Educational toy
  • Cluttered remote
  • Complicated instructions
  • Average build quality


The Sikaye Toys dancing singing LED lights programmable robot can be controlled with hand gestures and has many different playing modes. This gesture sensing robot kit offers Speed Mode, Demo Mode, and Programmed Mode. This Sikaye Toys dancing singing coding robot also knows 28 simple English words and can play 12 songs in Music Mode and another 5 songs in Song Mode. It’s one of the best remote controller toys for small children and even has its own fun robot language. If you need a more basic robot, check out the Really Rad Robot toy.


The Sikaye gesture sensing robot kit comes has a classic robot design complete with LED eyes. The front chest plate on this toy robot features the power button and other buttons, while the rear has a hook and the charging port. Compared to most toy robots and even other remote controller toys, the Sikaye has a massive 20 buttons on the remote to control all the features. Kids love to see toys dancing and this gesture sensing robot kit can also sing popular nursery rhymes and other tunes. Animal lovers might prefer the Top Race Dog Robot. But if your kids like competing against each other, you can have them compete in a mid-air fight with the infrared guns on the toy described in our Swann sky duel helicopters review.


Children love toys games and remote control robots. This gesture sensing robot can move its arms and feet and can even slide around. This robot kit even comes with batteries for the remote and the robot itself can be charged from a power adapter. The Sikaye RC Robot can dance and sing and can play a variety of songs and tunes. It’s one of the best robots for the price and if you get it from free shipping may be included. Another great coding robot is the Fisher-Price Code n Learn.

Sikaye RC Robot Toy Wrap Up

The Sikaye RC robot comes at a very low price and comes with many features. It has gesture control and is full remote controlled. It can also sing and dance and play music, and talk about astronomy. The remote may be cluttered with 20 buttons, but they are all required for all the functions. This is a fantastic robot, especially for the price.

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