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Read and watch Lamborghini reviews on Gadget Review and compare the latest models introduced by the brand with sports cars by other makers. Find out how Lamborghinis with their rear-mid placement of engines and all wheel drives, and interiors carrying the hallmark of Italian craftsmanship can enable you make a statement of style. Lamborghini cars are among the most recognized luxury sports cars in the world and Gadget Review will keep you up to date on all the news about these speedy beasts. The Huracan and the Aventador are the two Lamborghinis that the Italian manufacturer produces. And occasionally, we’ll also fill you in on Lamborghini tractors that the company manufactures.

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Lamborghini has supplied its engine technology to many racing cars but the company itself has chosen to stay away from the track; focusing instead on producing coupes and roadsters for the road. The most iconic of all Lamborghinis was the Miura, which upon its release in 1966, redefined the technical standards and aesthetics associated with sports cars for commercial use.